Sweet Success: 5-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Raises $14,000 for Pregnancy Center

As early as five years old, Ainsley had a passion for helping pregnant women and newborn babies in her town.

She witnessed her parents serve their local pregnancy center in Decatur, Texas, and came up with an idea all on her own to fundraise for the center.

The White family first discovered Wise Choices Pregnancy Center through friends from their church. Drawn to the center’s commendable work, Berry and his wife, Lee, quickly became avid supporters.

Wise Choices, located about 50 miles northwest of Dallas, offers services ranging from pregnancy tests and ultrasounds to parenting classes and post-abortion healing programs. With an average of 200 clients per month, the center plays a crucial role in supporting women and families.

Berry, a lawyer, has served on the center’s board of directors, while Lee, a pediatric nurse, volunteers her time at Wise Choices. The couple’s dedication did not go unnoticed by their five-year-old daughter, Ainsley.

“Well, Ainsley came to us and said she wanted to have a lemonade stand,” Berry said. “It was her idea; she came up with it all on her own, and of course we wanted to support her.”

With the local Fourth of July festival around the corner, the Whites saw an opportunity to showcase Ainsley’s lemonade stand. Ainsley, along with her parents, went door to door distributing marketing flyers and garnered support from local shops to promote the event.

On the big day, Ainsley, with her mom by her side, tirelessly poured lemonade from morning until 11 p.m. In scorching 100-degree heat, the young philanthropist raised an impressive $1,310 for Wise Choices.

The success of Ainsley’s lemonade stand became an annual tradition and has seen greater success each year:

  • 2019 – $1,310.00
  • 2020 – $1,798.35
  • 2021 – $3,111.75
  • 2022 – $3,653.00
  • 2023 – $4,304.14

In total, Ainsley raised an astonishing $14,177.24 to date. Wise Choices put the money toward a meaningful project: remodeling the center’s baby boutique, now named “Ainsley’s Place,” where mothers can receive free diapers, clothes, formula, and more for their babies.

Ainsley has continued to sell lemonade to benefit the center for the last five years, and even her two younger sisters chip in to help! The stand has become a staple in the community, and even sometimes has a line of people waiting.

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Berry said, “From the very first year, Ainsley has said, ‘I really want to help the moms and the babies.’ We give her the choice now, the past couple of years; does she want to continue the lemonade stand or stop. And she says she wants to continue. This year it reached 118 degrees, and she just stayed there at that stand the entire day.”

Brandie Hayden, the current CEO of Wise Choices, expresses her gratitude, stating, “I’m so glad she’s being recognized. She gives so selflessly and mans that lemonade stand while all her friends are off having fun at the Fourth of July event.”

Ainsley’s lemonade stand has not only become a cherished summer tradition but a testament that anyone can make a difference in the Pro-Life movement, no matter how young or old!

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