Supreme Court: Speech of Pro-Lifers Protected by Constitution

In a unanimous decision by the United States Supreme Court, a Massachusetts law to stifle the First Amendments rights of Pro-Life advocates is declared unconstitutional.   

The high court struck down a law that barred protestors from advocating for Life within a 35-foot “buffer zone,” thus, restricting Pro-Life activists and sidewalk counselors from speaking with women and men entering abortion centers.

Chief Justice Roberts, with the consensus of the Court, concluded that precedents exist deeming sidewalks a “traditional public forum,” allowing citizens freedom to engage in discourse on any matter in which they choose.

Texas Pro-Life Senator Ted Cruz issued the following statement in regards to the court’s ruling:

“The Supreme Court vindicated the First Amendment rights of citizens who peacefully counseled women about alternatives to abortion at a Massachusetts clinic.  Once again, the Supreme Court unanimously rejected the litigating position of the Obama Administration, which opposed free speech rights in an amicus brief.  The Court rightly invalidated a Massachusetts law that suppressed peaceful, non-obstructive speech from public sidewalks near abortion clinics.”

This Supreme Court ruling comes as Texas conservatives are also fighting for the right to exercise their First Amendment rights on the state level. 

Rights of American citizens to engage and speak to whomever they choose were once again confirmed by the high court, affirming the simple — but crucial — right to free speech granted by the United States constitution.