Supreme Court relies on debunked Texas “study” in striking down House Bill 2 provisions

In the wake of the June 27 Supreme Court of the United States ruling striking down crucial health and safety provisions of House Bill 2, we find mounting evidence of agenda-driven activism on the part of the Court’s majority.  A glaring example of disingenuous liberal bias in the majority opinion, which relays the views of five of the Court’s eight justices, comes from the decision’s supporting briefs.

The infamous, debunked Texas “studies” from the “Texas Policy Evaluation Project” (TxPEP), in particular, were heavily relied on as fodder for the crippling decision.  TxPEP is a sham anti-Life propaganda project funded by billionaire anti-Life activist Warren Buffett which operates within the taxpayer-funded University of Texas.  The project’s goal was to make House Bill 2, the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill of 2013, appear dangerous and burdensome to women when the objectives of HB 2’s provisions were to protect women from predation by Big Abortion in Texas.  To achieve this end, project architects fabricated and wildly misconstrued haphazardly-collected data.

In a live Facebook broadcast by Empower Texans on Monday, Michael Quinn Sullivan said Texas taxpayers should be asking “serious questions about these agencies that are using our tax dollars and using tax-funded institutions against the policies adopted by Texans and by taxpayers.”  Sullivan said that liberal activists within state-funded agencies frequently use the credibility of their agency “for the purpose of working against taxpayers.”  TxPEP is a prime example of this kind of abuse, and the effects of abusing the system for the anti-Life agenda reverberated all the way to the Supreme Court.

Abortion destroys lives, explained Sullivan, “You can’t get around that.  You’re killing a human being…  House Bill 2 was a very sensible piece of legislation that made sure that those entities that are providing abortion should meet the same kind of surgical standards that any other medical facility does.  Yet, abortion providers wanted to make sure that they can make money and not worry about the health and safety of the mother.”

Texas Right to Life spoke with Sullivan on Monday about the Supreme Court’s willingness to take the TxPEP study at face-value when the information proffered by the study’s architects is riddled with fallacy and blatant untruth.  “TxPEP masquerades as an unbiased source of information,” Sullivan said, calling the program a “shill” for abortionists.  “That SCOTUS relied so heavily on their ‘findings’ calls into serious question the legitimacy of the ruling.  If the justices had known they were relying on data provided by an abortion doctor and an entity funded by liberal billionaire Warren Buffett, it is unlikely they would have cited it as extensively as they did,” he said.  Sullivan did not mince words in calling TxPEP’s position within the University of Texas “an embarrassment to all Texans,” and said the program helps abortionists “escape commonsense regulations.”

Sullivan urges Texans to call the Capitol switchboard at (512) 463-4630 to ask their elected representatives in the House and Senate why they are “allowing a liberal activist billionaire to use the tax-funded flagship university – the University of Texas – to further the agenda of the abortion rights crowd and of Warren Buffett.”