Supreme Court keeps Texas Sonogram Law on hold

On Thursday, September 29th, the United States Supreme Court refused to lift an injunction on Texas’ new Sonogram Law.  The injunction, set by the notoriously pro-abortion Federal Judge Sam Sparks, prevents the life-saving legislation from going into effect, and in the meantime allows the abortion industry to continue obfuscating the truth about life in the womb.

John Seago, Legislative Director of Texas Right to Life, responded to the Supreme Court decision yesterday:

We are disappointed that this law will not be immediately enforced.  The Sonogram Bill is a Pro-Woman, Pro-Life bill that ensures women are not deceived by the abortion industry in Texas about their pregnancies and their unborn children any longer.  However, we are confident that the law is constitutional and we will continue to help Attorney General Abbott fight for the legislation until it is ultimately upheld and enacted in Texas.

The Supreme Court’s decision followed the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals’ refusal to override the injunction.  Although the Supreme Court decision concludes the debate about whether the law can be immediately enforced, the court battle to challenge the constitutionality of the law is still in process in the District Court in Austin, under the prescience of Judge Sam Sparks.