Supporter Spotlight: Sandra and Gerald Ruggs

After just a few minutes of speaking with Sandra and Gerald Ruggs, one cannot doubt the genuine fervor they feel for building a Culture of Life. Take a few minutes and read through their interview to become inspired yourself to be a louder and more courageous voice for Life.

Why are you Pro-Life? 

As Christians, it is impossible to reconcile the destruction of innocent human life with the Word of God.

Do you have any Pro-Life memories or stories you would like to share? 

My favorite is the video of Elizabeth McClung giving a small plastic fetus (baby) to a man outside an abortion clinic. When Elizabeth placed that baby into his hands, you could see the recognition of the truth clearly on his face.  He could no longer ignore the fact that this is a child, a living person who is being killed.

What do you value most about Texas Right to Life? 

It is a package of characteristics, unwavering commitment and dedication to the cause of saving innocent lives, courage in the face of savage attacks from the opposition, clear and concise leadership from Jim and Elizabeth in developing an incredible team, equipping them to be effective and motivating them to persevere through the hard times, frugal and conscientious handling of resources.

What do you hope to see regarding Pro-Life Legislation?

Ultimately the reversal of Roe vs Wade and the end of legalized abortion in this country.  Understanding this is a process, my top priority is to remove all tax payer funding of abortions, thus removing the guilt I share for the death of these innocent ones.  I am also excited about the impact the Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee is having in removing RINO’s that oppose Pro-Life Legislation.

What do you hope to see regarding Pro-Life educational efforts around the state?

I am very disappointed in the lack of involvement by most Protestant Churches.  I understand that the primary focus and message of any Church must be Jesus Christ, but there must be a platform within the Church that supports social justice in accordance with Christian/Biblical principles.  Most of the Churches I know of are afraid to confront such “Hot Button” social issues for fear of losing membership.  My question to the Church is this “are we raising up members or Disciples?”  Our charge from our Lord Jesus is to “make disciples.”  Disciples by definition must discipline themselves to abide by the tenants of our faith, which referencing back to Jeremiah 1:5 would require us to oppose the taking of innocent human life.

Mr. Google states “According to a 2014 study by the Pew Research Center, 70.6% of the adult population identified themselves as Christians, with 46.5% professing attendance at a variety of churches that could be considered Protestant, and 20.8% professing Roman Catholic beliefs.”

With 70% of the USA population professing to be Christian, it is difficult to understand how this culture of death has prevailed for so long.  Since Christians should be the greatest ally of the Pro-Life platform, I would like to see more Churches get involved in this fight.

How has the Pro-Life movement affected your life?

Our modern age creates and requires a very focused and structured lifestyle in order to be successful in providing for and taking care of our family.  While all of these things are good and necessary, they have very little “eternal significance” and the Pro-Life movement has provided a way for me to be involved with something that has eternal significance.  Matthew 6:20 says “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.”

Who in the Pro-Life movement has been an inspiration to you?

The short answer is everyone we have met with Texas Right to Life! Sandra and I enjoyed meeting and fellowshipping with everyone from Texas Right to Life. Your friendship means the world to us!

How did you first get involved with the Pro-Life cause?

We became involved with Texas Right to Life in 2006 through Pastor Matthew Diehl in Round Top.  Pastor Diehl invited Jim Graham to visit and talk with us about what Texas Right to Life was doing. Jim stopped by on one of his trips from Houston to Austin and we caught the vision. We have had active involvement with Texas Right to Life since then.

What makes talking about Life issues to your friends/family/coworkers easier? 

Getting involved.  I encourage everyone to get more involved in Texas Right to Life. The more involved you are, the more information you absorb, the easier it is to speak concisely about the issues. Rubbing shoulders with all of the incredible volunteers and staff of Texas Right to Life is an inspiration and a joy.