Supporter Spotlight: Rob and Leanne J.

  1. Why are you Pro-Life?

We are Pro-Life because we believe that God is the giver of Life, that Life begins in the womb at conception, and that He is the one who is to number our days.  We hold to the truth that He has given value to all Life and that we are made in His image.  Quite simply, that is why we are Pro-Life.

  1. Have you always been Pro-Life? Which Pro-Life issue is most important to you? Why?

Yes, we have always been Pro-Life.  (Leanne) All Life issues matter, but we have a passion to give a voice to the voiceless and help to the helpless through pregnancy resource ministry.  I am blessed to be the director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center in Dallas, Texas—a 501c3 and auxiliary ministry of Prestonwood Baptist Church.

  1. Do you have any Pro-Life memories or stories you would like to share?

Story 1:

A young woman came to the center determined that she needed an abortion.  As we did her sonogram, her heart began to soften but she was still struggling with continuing the pregnancy.  We shared truth and offered hope and other options but she left us that day telling us she was going to visit an abortion clinic.  So we did all we could as she walked out—we prayed.

The next day we received a call from her; she was crying hysterically.  She wanted to know if she and her boyfriend could come right then to see us.  You see, she and the father of the baby were making that call from the parking lot of the abortion clinic.  They had made the appointment to discuss scheduling an abortion.  When she arrived and checked in for her appointment, the young client asked if they would allow her to bring her boyfriend back to the ultrasound with her as she wanted him to see what she had seen at the center before they went through with the abortion.  Planned Parenthood refused.  Only she could go beyond the doors.

When she got back to the room, the pressure began—they wanted her to schedule the abortion for the next day.  She began to panic, got up, began to cry, and ran out.  When she and her boyfriend got in the car, they called us.  Their request?  To see if we would scan her and let the young father see the scan with her.  Of course, we told her to come and we would help.  They showed up within the hour for this powerful appointment.  As they saw their baby on the monitor and heard their little one’s heartbeat, they decided that they would not go back to the abortion clinic.  They chose Life.

Story 2:

We had a young, unmarried couple in our center.  The father of the baby was determined to abort but the mother was more conflicted.  We took them back to the sonogram room and the ultrasound technician began to scan their baby.  For the young mother, as the images came up on the screen, she realized that this IS Life.  However, the father did not even look up from his phone.  But then we turned on the Doppler.  As the baby’s heartbeat began to resonate in the room—after just a few beats, the father looked up from his phone to the ultrasound screen and he said, “That is Life.”  And another baby was saved.

  1. What do you value most about Texas Right to Life?

We are so appreciative that Texas Right to Life is willing to stand and advocate for Life in the political arena.  They are unrelenting in their pursuit for justice for those who cannot speak for themselves.  They are leading and lobbying for change to the laws that determine the Right to Life for all.

  1. Is there an aspect of Texas Right to Life’s work that you connect with more than others?

Obviously, as a result of our role with Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, we follow abortion legislation very carefully.

  1. What sets Texas Right to Life apart from other Pro-Life organizations?

The people, the method, and the message.  This is an organization that is exactly who they say they are and do what they say they are going to do.  I believe that all who stand for Life should be supporters and followers of this organization.  Well done, team!

  1. What do you hope to see regarding Pro-Life Legislation?

Obviously, the end to the legalization of abortion.  I (Leanne) would love to find myself on the unemployment line because abortion is no longer an option in America.  Until that day happens, we will continue to minister, one scared young woman at a time, as she walks into Prestonwood Pregnancy Center.

  1. How has the Pro-Life movement affected your life?

Serving at the pregnancy center has changed our perspective in many ways.  Prestonwood Pregnancy Center is a very special place.  Lives are saved at the center every day.  When I see a young woman make a decision for Life and then choose the brave choice of adoption, she is my hero.  The world tells her to take the quick way out.  Choose abortion.  But when you witness her seeing beyond the crisis to her child, you cannot help but be impacted.

  1. Who in the Pro-Life movement has been an inspiration to you?

I am inspired by those who are not just Pro-Life in word but pro-love in action.  Those who pray, give, and serve with organizations that are on the “frontlines” of the Pro-Life movement.  I am inspired by people who will sacrifice to love and minister to those who are in crisis are looking for hope and answers to their situation.

  1. How did you hear about Texas Right to Life?

Texas Right to Life first garnered our attention through their legislative efforts with House Bill 2.  We then were invited to the first banquet that was held in North Texas in 2016, and we became supporters.

  1. How do you talk about Pro-Life issues with your friends, family, and coworkers?  What advice would you give to somebody who has never spoken about this difficult issue?  

First, I believe that all Christians need to take a stand for Life.  There is too much at stake to remain silent and do nothing.  Labeling ourselves Pro-Life is not enough, we must be able to explain with love and grace why we are Pro-Life.

Will that discussion with the person who is pro-choice be emotional?  Yes.  Difficult?  Possibly.  Complex?  Not at all.  The Right to Life truly is a straightforward issue.  There is only one question to answer for either side.  That question: what is the unborn?  I heard a speaker on this subject once say that if the unborn is not human then no justification or debate about abortion in necessary.  However, if the unborn is human then no justification for abortion is adequate.

I find learning the SLED principal found in Scott Klusendorf’s book The Case for Life helpful in equipping people for discussion about the Right to Life.  Simply, “I am Pro-Life because the science of embryology establishes that from the moment of conception, we are distinct, living, and a whole human being.  There is no difference between the embryo we were and the human we are today that would justify the ending of Life at an earlier stage of development.  Difference in size, level of development, environment and degree of dependency are not good reasons for saying you should be killed then but not now.”

  1. What are you doing personally to help end the culture of death? 

I am blessed to be the Director of Prestonwood Pregnancy Center.  I believe that at its core, abortion is a spiritual issue that feeds political decisions.  That means that, truly, the rates of abortion will diminish as one scared woman at a time finds herself walking through the doors of our center or centers like ours.  There we can offer hope to what the world often says is a hopeless situation, an unplanned pregnancy.  At Prestonwood Pregnancy Center, we offer hope to the hopeless and are a voice for the voiceless.  As Pastor Jack Graham has said about the founding of our pregnancy center, “As Christians we are called to be Pro-Life, to light a candle in the darkness, not throw gasoline on the flame.”  We are to show love and compassion not condemnation—that is what will impact others.  So until the day that abortion is no more, I will serve those who find themselves in an unplanned pregnancy showing love, compassion and grace.

  1. What excites you about the future of the Pro-Life movement?  What excites you about the future of Texas Right to Life?

I am anticipating greater victory in the laws that protect Life in Texas.  I believe that Texas can be a leader in America in ending this culture of death.