Supporter Spotlight: Jan and James K.

As a person of faith living in South Texas, one cannot help but cross paths with Jan and James K.  Although their faith always informed their Pro-Life convictions, something happened a decade ago that solidified their Pro-Life beliefs in a way few other life experiences can.  Their story of God moving so miraculously in their lives mirrors miracles riddled through scripture.

Take a few minutes to read through their interview.  Become inspired to be a louder and more courageous voice for Life.


Why are you Pro-Life?

We have always been Pro-Life.  The creator of the universe, God, asks us to choose Life over death in Deuteronomy 30:19.

Can you describe John’s accident?

 On a Sunday afternoon in 2008, our son John, at age 33, was riding a motorcycle without a helmet and was hit by a woman who never saw him.  The impact knocked him 150 feet into the air and he landed on the other side of the highway.  He broke his pelvis in three places and he was bleeding out of both of his ears.  The ambulance drivers said that my son arriving at the hospital alive would be a miracle.  He did.  The hospital that treated my son had a level three trauma unit.  Doctors immediately induced a coma.

What was his recovery process like for each of you?

John’s recovery has been one miracle after another.  He has had 14 surgeries.  He was given a less than 1% chance to survive.  He did not walk, talk, or eat for 344 days.

One doctor even went so far as to say that John would be a ‘vegetable’ for his entire life if he lived. How did God heal John?

Our best friend Chuck Pierce called me and said that he had a vision from God while preaching at his church, Glory of Zion.  God spoke and said “I am going to show you what I can do”.  Then he saw the hand of God reach inside John’s head and touch the places that needed to be healed.  That was on January 20,2009.  James got a call from Jan, who was in Houston with John.  When James answered, he said “Hey sweetheart, how are you?”  And the voice on the other end said, “Hey Dad, how are you?”  The feeling was awesome!  Our son was talking.  Nine days later, John walked out of The Institute of Rehabilitation and Research (TIRR).

God answered our prayers.  Psalms 118:17 reminded us that John would live and not die and we declared the goodness of the Lord.  2 Kings 4:26 gave us comfort that all is well.  We had 180,000 people praying for our son John.  When he woke up he said “I had no idea that many people even knew me.”  John thought he had been out for 2 weeks; he learned later he had been incapacitated for almost a year.

Why is John’s story a Pro-Life story?

We kept moving forward with John.  We knew we had to.  Letting go after the first and second brain surgeries would have been easier, but God showed us in Genesis 22:6 how Abraham offered up Issac.  John’s brain would not stop bleeding and his intra cranial pressure reached 72.  So we laid John on the altar in the hospital chapel and told the Lord that we would love Him no matter what the outcome was.  The Lord spoke to James, saying “I didn’t take Issac and I am not going to take John.”  Then the surgeons called us in to report that the brain bleed had stopped.

We are forever grateful for prayer warriors who believed and stood with us regardless of the outcome.  We couldn’t go by what we saw we had to go by what we knew.  We knew that the Lord loves to do the impossible