Supporter Spotlight: Gary M.

If you have received a Why Pro-Life book in the last couple of years, chances are, Gary is the man who gifted this effective resource to you.  As a longtime supporter and friend of Texas Right to Life, Gary is known for his fiery Pro-Life convictions and his unwavering desire to spread the Pro-Life message far and wide.


Why are you Pro-Life?  I believe human life begins at conception, as designed by God.  I also believe in the 10 Commandments that certainly command us to not kill!

I believe and know the tragic, sudden and accidental deaths of my 21-year old son, Geoffrey in 2003 and my son, Gregory in 2006 have given me a deeper, more profound understanding of God’s plan.  As I continue to learn and grow even stronger in my faith I can and will maximize His blessings to help others become more thankful for God’s eternal gift of human life from the very moment of conception.

Which Pro-Life issue is most important to you?  That’s a very good question.  Clearly, the life of the unborn child is most important!  I feel that God has given me a countless number of blessings and many of them are used to encourage others to become more informed of the truth.  Why?  The vast majority of adults are either uninformed or misinformed!  I’ve been proactively bringing up the abortion issue in many conversations and have asked hundreds of adults over at least 5 years.  Very, very few adults even know the estimated number of abortions that have been reported since 1973.  Per research shown at www.USAbortionClock.Org, more than 59,000,000 abortions have happened since 1973.  That represents 10 times the number of European Jews killed by the Nazi Holocaust genocide during WW II.  And since that horrific period, many Americans have questioned why the German populations living near the death camps did not speak up and inform others outside of Germany.  It certainly seems warranted and certain that later generations will ask the same question!

Per the 8-13-17 Wall Street Journal article, “According to the Pew Research Center, 57% of U.S. adults believe abortion should be legal in most or all cases, while 40% believe it should be illegal in most or all cases.  Gallup polling finds that many people have nuanced views, with 48% calling abortion morally wrong and a smaller share, some 20%, saying it should be illegal in all circumstances.”  I truly believe that if the number of abortions became widely known future surveys would indicate that abortion should be ILLEGAL in most or ALL cases.  But, as I’ve never heard any national political candidate or office holder publicly say the number(s), it is up to us to provide the information and encourage others to duplicate our message as often as possible!  When will we really get the message out to others???  For myself, I am investing much of my time, effort, and resources to help and encourage others know the truth!

Do you have any Pro-Life memories or stories you would like to share?

One my most effective ways to help others obtain the truth, has been and continues to be providing the free copies of the book, “Why Pro-Life” by Randy Alcorn.  There are countless stories of positive reactions received when making the offer to others, often in only the normal events of any day in public areas!  In many cases, it is the very first time anyone has ever given them a book, especially one that presents the issues, gives the facts, and certainly helps believers understand that every unborn child is a gift from God, created in His image!  In my parting comments I inform the person of my low cost of $1/book (when 50 or more are ordered from and I encourage people to duplicate my action and give to others what they received from me.  

What do you hope to see regarding Pro-Life Legislation?   I hope to see every pending bill signed into law by Governor Abbott.  Also, I hope and pray that Byron Cook is defeated in the next primary election!

What do you hope to see regarding Pro-Life educational efforts around the state?  I hope to see continued growth in changing the hearts and minds of everyone possible.  And at some point I hope and pray to see the complete elimination of abortion in Texas and across our country.

How has the Pro-Life movement affected your life?

The Pro-Life movement has affected my life profoundly.  My wife, Diane, and I were married in 1972, just before the United States Supreme Court decision.  Our first child was born in 1980, and for an overly extended time, I just did not know enough to be more actively involved.  If only.  I have often questioned why I failed to become informed until such a late stage in life.  Many times I’ve felt that if only my focus was on this issue earlier, many more lives could have possibly been saved.  So, I believe part of my message to younger adults is to not do what I did before the last ten years and become much more informed and activated much earlier in their lives to really make a more profound impact!

 Who in the Pro-Life movement has been an inspiration to you?  

Dr. Joseph Graham’s vision, efforts, and leadership have been a great inspiration and reinforcement that all great things that happen truly begin with the thoughts and actions of just one person!  So much more can be achieved by each of us!  And when we’re all working together as a team we will achieve even greater success!

How do you talk about Pro-Life issues with your friends, family, and coworkers? 

I usually relate the conversation to my Christian faith and confirm their faith.  If I hear that they are neutral or in favor of abortion, I try to promote the “Why Pro-Life” book, hand them a copy, and encourage them to consider the science and facts within the book.

What advice would you give to somebody who has never spoken about this difficult issue?  

First, I suggest that they prayerfully increase their knowledge of the science and facts, which often becomes more effective and professional.  Taking this action indicates that you’ve put some effort into having a deeper understanding yourself.

What are you doing personally to help end the culture of death?  As noted above, I’ve given and continue to give hundreds of “Why Pro-Life” books to others.  I usually order 100 at a time, with a reserve kept in my home office and about 25 in my car trunk.  Even when going on a long-distance trip I bring 5 or 6 books with me, usually promoting and giving one out to someone on a flight sitting next to me.  The books have even been given to the flight attendant, when possible, on longer flights.  Very recently I’ve decided to have business cards with four specific web sites, including, made available to anyone who is interested in getting more information.  The card is entitled “Every Life is Sacred.”  Since having them, the card has only been rejected one time.  Lastly, I’ve significantly increased my financial contributions to Texas Right to Life both in amounts and as a percentage of my family income during the last ten years.

What excites you about the future of the Pro-Life movement as well as, the future of Texas Right to Life?

I’m very excited about the day when no abortions occur in our great, highly blessed nation.