Supporter Spotlight: Beverly and Charles R.

Grassroots Texans demonstrate that the heartbeat of our state defends innocent Life.  From people involved with Texas Right to Life, to the Texas Homeschool Coalition, to Empower Texans, to Concerned Women for America, every nonprofit that values innocent human Life in Texas attracts godly, selfless, and passionate people.

Beverly and Charles R. are two of those people.  Beverly’s grassroots activism began with Concerned Women for America, but she has also found her niche among the ranks of Pro-Lifers volunteering with Texas Right to Life.

Take a few minutes to read through their interview.  Become inspired to be a louder and more courageous voice for Life.

Why are you Pro-Life?

God creates each human Life in His own image.  We can hardly claim to love God and follow Jesus while destroying innocent Life.

How did you become involved with Texas Right to Life?

I met Texas Right to Life’s dedicated people in Austin and knew I wanted to be a part of this righteous movement.

Why do you value your involvement with Texas Right to Life?

A lone voice can easily be ignored.  Thousands of voices cannot.

What do you think is the biggest challenge the Pro-Life movement faces today?

The lies of those who say women can only be empowered by deciding whether or not their preborn children have intrinsic worth.

What have you enjoyed about watching the Pro-Life movement evolve over the years?

Seeing the young people who have lost so many of their preborn peers through the travesty of unrestricted abortion become passionately Pro-Life.

What encourages you to keep fighting for Life, knowing that we run a marathon – not a sprint?

We have 12 grandchildren.  I hope they will follow our example of revering Life and join the Pro-Life movement.