Support Spotlight: Emily and Travis McLane

How did you become involved in the Pro-Life movement? 

Travis: Never underestimate the power of a praying mother.  My mother has, for as long as I remember, prayed in front of Planned Parenthood.  I am from Midland, and the Planned Parenthood there is now closed, but I was raised Catholic and taught to value Life.

Emily: A college friend of mine invited me to the annual Pro-Life march in Austin back in 2008.  Seeing people take time to march on a Saturday and hearing all of the different speakers really inspired me to take action and organize as a movement.


How did you two meet?

Both: We met on a blind date.  We were both a bit cynical about being able to find a Godly, Pro-Life spouse, but ultimately, God was faithful.


Why do you value the work of Texas Right to Life? 

Travis: Texas Right to Life does what I cannot.  Like many, I have to work a day job.  Supporting Texas Right to Life is a way to extend the power of individuals and help their voices to be heard far and wide.


Emily, you’re a Texas Right to Life employee.  Why do you also support us financially? 

Emily: Although there are many great organizations to support, I am more and more convinced no other organization does more to save lives.  The assaults on Life never stop, so financial support should never stop either.


There are multiple ways to ensure our life-saving work is funded.  Can you tell me about Amazon Smile and why you chose to give this way in addition to other ways of giving? 

Emily: Most things I purchase are from Amazon.  With Amazon Smile, you can select one charity to benefit each time you make a purchase.  Choosing Texas Right to Life was easy.


What would you say to encourage someone to give a bit more than they are already giving, such as with Amazon Smile? 

Travis: Amazon Smile is a great way to give to your favorite charity without taking any money from your wallet.  Giving this way can add up to quite a bit of money just through your everyday purchases.  Besides, there are always the benefits of shopping online.


How has supporting Texas Right to Life enriched your lives?

Travis: Being involved has brought very nice people whom we might not otherwise have met into our lives.  I firmly believe we will continue to be enriched as long as we maintain these Pro-Life friendships.