Support Pro-Life candidates for a Pro-Life Texas

Friend —  

We are at the goal line. The deadline is here. At midnight tonight, our critical emergency campaign will end.

By tomorrow morning, we'll know how much we'll be able to fight in the redrawn districts where activist judges are carving safe districts for pro-abortion liberals.

But we still have $6,558 to go to meet our $35,450 goal for this emergency project!

In only two weeks, supporters like you heard the call of the urgent matching grant and have raised an astonishing $28,892! I'll be frank — I didn't think we could do this on such a short notice — especially in the throes of the Christmas holidays.  But Pro-Lifers like you know the importance of this fight and are willing to help whenever the need arises.
Unlike the abortion industry, which snatches and relies on nearly $400 million of our tax dollars every year to lobby for pro-abortion laws and partner with liberal activist judges, we rely on grassroots supporters like you to help us fight for Pro-Life values in Texas.

Now's the time to support us.

Please immediately donate $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 by following this link right now so we can meet the goal, obtain the full Challenge Match, and tell the liberals that we'll protect Life, our hard-fought Pro-Life laws, and our Pro-Life candidates at any time anywhere in the great state of Texas.  And our supporters will give us whatever it takes to beat the advocates of death and build the Culture of Life.

Let's give Pro-Life candidates a fighting chance and join me to meet this critical goal right now.

Yours for Life,