Support Pro-Life amendments to Senate Bill 8!

Contact your state representative and ask him or her to support the Dismemberment Abortion Ban Amendment, a policy that has already passed the Texas Senate and was approved by over 95% of the voting delegates of the Republican Party of Texas.  Adding the Dismemberment Abortion Ban and other strengthening amendments will make SB 8 a truly life-saving bill.

Please urge your state representative to support efforts to make Senate Bill 8 a strong Pro-Life bill that actually saves babies.  Although well-intended to reflect our values regarding the dignity of human Life, the bill does not actually save unborn lives.  SB 8 merely addresses what to do with the victims’ bodies after they are tragically killed by abortion.  However, strengthening amendments can be added on Friday, May 19, during debate on the floor of the Texas House of Representatives.

This 85th Session of the Texas Legislature can still advance the Pro-Life cause, but only if you call and email your state representative and urge him or her to make SB 8 a life-saving bill by supporting these important amendments.

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