Support Life and stop the pro-death lobby in its tracks!

Friend — we're going through our records of our best supporters before 2012 ends.

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If you're planning to support the Pro-Life movement this year, please do it right now.

Pro-abortionists have innocent human life, both the unborn and the elderly, and vulnerable women in their sights, and your donation to Texas Right to Life before the midnight deadline is critical to stop them.

We're planning an aggressive legislative session in Austin starting on January 8. We have a plan to pass Pro-Life laws that will stop the pro-death lobby in its tracks, and we need your support right now. The session will only last a few months, and your aid is needed right now.

Will you help us meet our current goal of $15,500? We must raise $10,754 by Midnight to meet this goal!

Pro-abortionists' budgets are overflowing with taxpayer funding — especially as ObamaCare begins to become law — and our work can only continue with your immediate support.

Before tonight is over, before the ball drops, please click this link to donate for Life by clicking and following this link and contributing $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more >>

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