Super Bowl Baby on the Way? Eagles Player’s Pregnant Wife Brings Two OB/GYNs to Game

Travis and Jason Kelce are making headlines as the first set of brothers to play against each other in the Super Bowl, but Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie McDevitt, might be making history in her own right.

McDevitt will be 38 weeks into her pregnancy, just shy of the average pregnancy term, but she has a backup plan in case she goes into labor during the game.

She has arranged to bring two obstetrician-gynecologists to the game as guests, ensuring that she can cheer on her husband in person while having peace of mind about her impending delivery.

Initially, it was reported that she would bring only one doctor, but she later revised her plan and decided to bring two. “They’re both my OBs on a regular basis, but I didn’t necessarily want one to be by themselves,” she said. “All hands on deck.”

The Kelces have a three-year-old daughter, a nearly-two-year-old daughter, and their third child is also a girl, but the parents are still deciding on a name.

Jason reportedly suggested naming her Super if she is born on Sunday, but Kylie called the idea “one of the most absurd things I’ve ever heard of in life.”

However, she did say they may consider “making her initials S.B. or something related to the Super Bowl, just as sort of a tribute,” though she added that “nothing is set in stone.”


The Kelce family’s story is not the only interesting aspect of this Super Bowl. While Jason Kelce will snap the ball for the Eagles on Sunday, his younger brother, 33-year-old Travis Kelce, will play tight end for the Chiefs, making this the first Super Bowl in history to feature two brothers on opposing teams.

Their story is a reminder that even in the midst of the biggest moments, family provides strength and love that helps us overcome any obstacle.

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