Study finds "no evidence of manipulation or editing" in CMP videos

A new report by forensics firm Coalfire affirms the credibility of video footage released by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of fetal body parts.

Coalfire examined the entirety of footage released by the CMP and released a fourteen-page report on Monday, detailing the edits of footage which simply omit non-pertinent content such as commutes and bathroom breaks.  The firm’s report concluded that video recordings “are authentic and show no evidence of manipulation or editing.”

The firm reached their conclusion that the videos are authentic by examining “the video file date and time stamps, the video timecode, as well as the folder and file naming scheme,” and reported that “uniformity between the footage from the cameras from the two investigators also support the evidence that the video recordings are authentic.”

Coalfire’s comprehensive report undercuts the credibility of an earlier report by a liberal-biased firm,commissioned by Planned Parenthood, which acknowledged that no notable edits had been made but bizarrely pontificated that the videos were of “no evidentiary value” and lacked “credibility as journalistic products.”

The report also deals a critical blow to the single talking point Planned Parenthood has clung to through the duration of the public scandal: that the footage was “deceptively edited,” and “manipulated.”  This has been the mantra of Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood executive vice president Dawn Laguens, Planned Parenthood lawyers, and Planned Parenthood supporters from day one of the scandal.  In fact, White House officials and Democrat Planned Parenthood supporters, such as Hillary Clinton, have also cited “deceptive editing” as their excuse for burying their heads in the sand and excusing their own unwillingness to become apprised of the facts.

The American people have called for defunding of the abortion giant, and to that end Congress and many state governments have opened probes into the heavily-subsidized organization.  Last week, Cecile Richards appeared before a Congressional committee in Washington, D.C., to defend her position that Planned Parenthood deserves to continue receiving over half a billion dollars in taxpayer money each year.  A number of Republican elected officials noted, however, that a private organization that closed out the most recently reported fiscal year with $127M in profit over and above their expenses seems to have absolutely no need for excess coffer-padding compliments of the American taxpayer.

Read the full Coalfire report here.