Stop Wendy Davis!

Join me and thousands of Texans who are uniting for Life to defeat Wendy Davis and her extremist cohorts!

There’s nothing more precious than our children.  Medical technology has improved the lives and health of our little ones, especially premature babies.

This past summer, Republican and Democrat state legislators passed common-sense limits on second and third trimester abortions when babies are fully formed.  Legislators also improved safety standards for abortion clinics.  

Extremist groups protested the new law.  And rallied around abortion zealot State Senator Wendy Davis.  Wendy Davis opposes any limits on abortion and even called late term abortions “sacred ground.”  

But abortion is not sacred; babies feel the pain of the abortion.  That’s why state lawmakers from both parties came together to protect Texas women and our most vulnerable children.

Wendy Davis puts late term abortion ahead of our faith, ahead of our families, and ahead of Texas values.  

Wendy Davis believes terminating babies even after 1/2 way through pregnancy is okay.  She is wrong.  Wendy Davis is wrong on life, wrong for our children, and wrong for Texas.