Stop Wendy Davis and Protect Life!

Friend —

A new poll released today puts Wendy Davis only five points behind Greg Abbott in the race for Texas Governor.

This is a very dangerous number that puts the entire Pro-Life movement at risk. Imagine the lives of the unborn, the sick, and women who will be harmed if Wendy Davis becomes governor!

I must warn you, though, things are moving very fast.

Just a few months ago, 58 percent of Texans didn't even know the name of Wendy Davis until the media organized and lifted her up as she tried to block Life-saving legislation for 11 hours straight!

Supporters like you have stood with Texas Right to Life through 40 years and now I'm asking you to stand with us, once again, as we stand on the edge of a very dark chasm. There has never been any moment in Texas history that puts our Pro-Life values so much at risk of completely disappearing from our laws.

Wendy Davis has proven that she will NEVER tolerate Pro-Life legislation that saves lives or protects women and the infirm.

That's why we are beginning an unprecedented state-wide Pro-Life tour to expose the extremist abortion supporters like Wendy Davis and the out-of-state organizers who are trying to reverse 40 years of Pro-Life victories. The first leg of our tour takes us to nine cities and ends on November 13th.

Will you become a sponsor of this emergency Pro-Life tour so we can organize Texas Pro-Lifers to fight the abortion extremists with us?

Already, Wendy Davis and her cohorts are throwing $36 million into our state to stop us.

Using out-of-state blood money, they have a blueprint for chaos that is designed to change Texas from a state that values innocent human life to a state that believes the lives of the ill and the unborn are not fit enough to be protected.

Expose the abortion extremists! Send Texas Right to Life across Texas with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even $3,000!

We have one year before election day, but the anti-Life extremists have been working on changing Texas for months already. They are ahead of us in finances and organization.

With the media by their side, you can see their tricks are reflected in their fast gains in the polls!

Let's put an end to the dreams of the abortion extremists who want to change Texas!

Click and follow this link to sponsor our Texas Pro-Life tour right now!

We didn't ask for this fight, but we will fight for the defenseless and the unborn, anytime, anywhere.

Thank you for all you do to protect Life!

For Life,