Stop the Texas Medical Association from defeating Pro-Life legislators!

Friend —

Against the will or even lack of knowledge of patients, doctors are secretly writing “Do Not Resuscitate” orders in patients' charts!

Doctors have told me this is standard procedure — that they do it all the time.

During the last legislative session, my team and I worked feverishly to protect patients from predatory doctors who trample the wishes of patients.

We want doctors to respect and honor the wishes of the patient or patient's designated decision-maker. No exceptions.

But the Texas Medical Association (TMA), a lobbying organization claiming to represent doctors, disagreed and stood with the few doctors who wanted to write-off ill patients instead of caring for them.

The lobbyists for the Texas Medical Association voiced their opposition to our bill to the committee chairs who take their marching orders from TMA.  The medical lobby is more important to these legislators than their Pro-Life constituents.

As a major funder of political campaigns, we were not surprised that the bill was never passed out of committee.

So Texas Right to Life wants to trample the candidates and legislators who pose as Pro-Lifers until the TMA comes knocking.  Will you help us?

During the primary, with support from you, we defeated the Texas Medical Association's go-to legislator for passing their unjust laws: Vicki Truitt.

Your financial support did this!

But now they're looking for a new candidate who will do their bidding. And they found one.

We just discovered that the Texas Medical Association showered more than $5,000 into a RINO campaign — just another anti-Life candidate who promises to do the bidding of the plug-pullers.

Now is when I need your help.

You can be sure if that candidate is elected, we will never reverse the unjust law that allows doctors to deny you care.

There's a better candidate — a Pro-Life candidate — who we support instead: Stephanie Klick.

As a nurse, Stephanie has made it her mission to face down the draconian Texas law that threatens the lives of the ailing and disabled. Stephanie also informs Texas Right to Life when patients are victimized by doctors and hospitals so we can help these patients transfer to new care settings.

Friend, you can see why the Texas Medical Association wants to make sure Stephanie does not go to Austin!

Immediately, help me help Stephanie go to the State House for all of Texas so that she can work to change this heinous law.

Your urgent contribution of $50, $100, $500, $250, $1,000 or even $2,500 will make a difference for patients whose lives are at risk.

Right now, please click and follow this link and help me raise $11,440 by this Friday so we can have the resources to stay on the battlefield during the runoff election.

Time is of the essence. The Texas Medical Association is already using their blood money to defeat a strong Pro-Life candidate, and we don't have a second to lose.