Stop the liars and protect Pro-Life candidates!

Friend —
Again, you have blessed me and the whole Texas Right to Life team.  I shouldn’t be shocked, but I am!  You did it! You helped us raise $126,835 in less than three weeks, shattering our goal to elect and re-elect Pro-Life leaders!
But I’m not gloating; in fact, I’m still worried.  We have a problem.
Yesterday, I received a phone call from Sid Miller, one of the candidates who we support who is 100+ percent Pro-Life and is being challenged not only by one RINO, but two RINO’s.  Representative Miller told me that these two, Jones and Sheffield, are telling voters that they are Pro-Life.
But we caught Mike Jones in a huge lie. On his Facebook page on March 14, at 8:11 pm, Mike Jones posted that he would not support the language of the Sonogram Bill that Sid Miller worked so hard to pass.
That page has now been removed.  We’ve know of these type of flip-floppers — Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, and Bill Clinton were all Pro-Life when they started their political careers.
But Jones and Sheffield aren’t the only RINO’s posing as elephants…
Across the state, imposters are flip-flopping and covering-up their pro-death positions as election day nears.
They've seen the impact Texas Right to Life PAC is making, and they're running scared. Because of contributions from real Pro-Lifers, we've sent nearly 200,000 mailers and called thousands upon thousands of Pro-Life voters to set the record straight about who's really Pro-Life.
That's why the RINO’s are snarling.
They know voters will only elect true Pro-Life legislators, and they'll do anything they can to win.
Unfortunately, the pro-death liars have found that lying to voters actually works, and polls are showing extremely close races across the state.
They also have the powerful backing of millions of dollars from the medical lobby and Planned Parenthood.
That's why we need to answer the call for help, go back to the front-lines, and set the record straight.
Or we could lose all the Pro-Life ground that we have gained in the last ten years.
I can't stress enough what will happen if we lose our top Pro-Life legislators, especially in a year that will be extremely challenging with Obama supporters coming out to vote this November.
Will you help us raise another $37,825 to fire back the onslaught of Pro-Life imposters and help us protect Life?
Friend, the state legislature is where our laws to protect Life are passed — not only in U.S. Congress, but in Austin, too.  Most voters aren't aware of how powerful the state legislators are because they are not a full time legislature (thankfully)!
These Pro-Life imposters, backed by the abortion lobby and pro-death medical associations, are taking advantage of voters.  But if these posers win their elections, they'll flip-flop once in office, and we will not be able to protect Life.
Urgently, please click this link and contribute, once again, $60, $125, $270, $550, $1,250 or even $5,500 to defeat the peddlers of death.  Elections have consequences, and your gift will make May 29th a huge Pro-Life landslide.
We only have five days left to win. With your help, we change the direction of this crucial campaign. Please join us and support Texas Right to Life PAC so we can turn up the heat for our Pro-Life candidates right now.



Yours for Life,