Stop the abortion lobby´s lies!

Friend —
Planned Parenthood just sent a letter to their supporters promising to do “absolutely everything to protect and promote women's health.”
When they say “absolutely everything,” they don’t want you to know that it doesn't include mammograms. But it does include taxpayer funding of abortion that is about to expand through ObamaCare — meaning you and I are going to pay Planned Parenthood to extinguish someone else's life on an abortion table.
We will not let Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion commiter in our nation, to do “absolutely everything” they want to kill lives and harm women!
Texas Right to Life will not stand idle as women are victimized by the allure of pro-abortionists who claim an abortion will free them from their temporary troubles.  
Abortion destroys women and lives! That's why the pro-abortion war on women and life must be held accountable!
But we now expect a brutal fight from the well-funded abortion lobby. Texas Right to Life is about to begin a most difficult year to pass life-saving legislation in Texas, starting with opening day in our legislature on January 8th.
Already, we have to dismantle the lies spread by Planned Parenthood that grow by the day.

For example, to keep their hands on millions of our taxpayer dollars, they lied that they offer healthcare for poor women, and the media spread these lies over and over.

But your Pro-Life HQ, Texas Right to Life, set the record straight!

We stood up to their multi-million dollar lobbyists and media sympaticos and proved that hundreds of doctors throughout Texas offer comprehensive healthcare for poor women (and men!) and are not tied to abortion!
But like a rat trapped in a corner, the pro-abortionists will manufacture more spin and hold-up life-saving legislation. They are still armed with taxpayer money, and you and I are in their sights.

Please send Texas Right to Life back to Austin so we can fight for Life, right now!
Supporters like you have already contributed $25,500 towards our most recent goal. Now we must raise $15,500 in only hours — by Midnight, tonight!
Will you support Life at this critical hour and expose the abortion lobby's lies with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $300, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more?
The next Texas Legislative Session begins on January 8, and I need you by my side so my team is prepared to fight for Life at every assault.
We have a winning record of passing Pro-Life legislation, but we can only further the cause with your generous financial support.
Friend, please click and follow this link and donate $50, $100, $300, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 or more right now.
Please don't let Planned Parenthood get away with their lies and hijack our Pro-Life agenda.

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