Stop millions of tax dollars from needlessly going to the abortion industry!

Friend —

Abortion advocates thought we were sleeping this morning at 7:30 when they tried to get their money back in the state budget. The coven on the House Appropriations Committee started playing games with rules, regulations, and revenue streams to refill the coffers of abortion centers across Texas with your tax dollars.
Remember in 2011, when Texas Right to Life reallocated $64.3 million to other health care programs and restricted any remaining funds to comprehensive clinics??

Since then, 13 Planned Parenthood clinics have closed. Because of our restrictions, low-income women can find basic screenings and other health care services at real health centers and entities that are not in the lucrative abortion business.  

As expected, those who lost access to your money want it back. But what we didn't expect is they just might get it!

This morning in the House Appropriations Committee, the committee that judges where our tax money goes, the abortion advocates are playing dirty tricks with women's health care.
But the facts are on our side and the legislators need to hear from us right now.
The tiresome sound-byte of “No access to health care for low-income Texan women” is unfounded and untrue, but some elected officials are pushing to put the money back.

Texas Right to Life's only concern is that the funds do not go to abortion providers or their affiliates.  Join me and let's make this happen.
The Texas Health and Human Services Commission agrees with us! They confirmed thousands of providers who aren't affiliated with abortionists who offer full health services for women, despite the lies this coalition of abortion activists claim. And Health and Human Services is constantly expanding the list of safe, abortion-free providers.
Additionally, Governor Perry’s recent work to initiate the abortion-free Texas Women's Health Program offers another safety net for low-income women.
We take care of low-income women because no woman should be driven to an abortion center for basic health care needs.
Please help me expose these fraudsters with an immediate contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $5,000 before it's too late.
The medical lobby is throwing their financial weight behinds these abortion zealots. With our tiny budget, we are simply up against unmatched resources.
But we've been in this position before and won because of supporters like you.
Help us, once again, to protect legislators who are on the line, arm them with facts, and inform their voters about the real war on women that is waged by the abortion industry.
The legislative session is nearly finished. We must raise $26,538 by March 25. Will you help?
Your support will make sure we have the resources to keep our team in Austin and close to the legislators who are about to make a decision that places lives at risk.

Don't let millions of tax dollars needlessly go back to the abortion industry.
Please click and follow this link to donate $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $5,000 right now.

Thank you for all you do to protect Life!

Yours for Life,