Stand against intimidation of Pro-Lifers in Texas! Stand with Texas Right to Life!

Friend —

Two hours ago in the pouring rain in Corsicana, our  battle with the liberal establishment escalated. In Corsicana, I was just issued a citation by the Chief of Police.

Right now, my team and I joined voters in House Distrcit 8 who protested Byron Cook and his anti-Life record. The citizens of this district are furious at their representative's anti-Life votes. But the Corsicana chief of police issued citations to me and Empower Texans for having “too many rally participants” and threatened us and vocal voters of House District 8 with jail over our peaceful, legal free speech.

Most of the rally participants were not even affiliated with Texas Right to Life or Empower Texans. Many of the House District 8 voters were upset that the police wanted to know their names.

The City of Corsicana limits the number of people who can gather and pray on a corner of a street in front of a Planned Parenthood to an unreasonable and ridiculous 26!

Photo of me, sitting in a police cruiser, detained by the Chief of Police in Corsicana, Texas:

Friend, I will not be bullied. Texas Right to Life will not be bullied. And I know YOU will not be bullied when it comes to the protection of the pre-born.

And the voters from House District 8 will not be intimidated. They have had enough of Byron Cook's anti-Life record and lies. They have come out in full-storm to show their support for ousting Byron Cook from the Texas House. This intimidation is the price we will have to pay. They may try to deny our Freedom of Speech but we will not stop!

Send a message to the Pro-Lifers of House District 8 that all Texas Pro-Lifers stand with them.

Back Texas Right to Life against anti-Life politicians so we can oust them with an emergency contribution of $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $3,000 or more, right now! We must defend our right to free speech and our right to defend Life!

This is only the beginning of our legal battle…

Yours for Life,