Sponsor the Texas Pro-Life Tour so we can organize to win!

Friend, The Drudge Report linked to an article today about Wendy Davis, who is running for Texas governor and climbing fast in the polls — she's only trailing Greg Abbott by five points!

She has become an overnight, real threat to all we have worked for the last 40 years.

Despite a despicable zero Pro-Life record as a state senator, Wendy just got caught claiming she's Pro-Life!

If you read The Drudge Report, the most popular political news site in the nation, then you know the whole country is watching this train wreck.

Just yesterday, we lost the Virginia governorship to a vicious abortion supporter, Terry McAuliffe.

Here in Texas, I can't stress enough how deadly a Wendy Davis governorship would be for Life. She made national headlines when she filibustered a law for 11-hours straight that we supported that would have protected five-month-old pre-born babies from abortions!

And now she claims she's Pro-Life! Do not let her get away with her lies!

Will you sponsor an emergency Texas Pro-Life Tour and send Texas Right to Life across the state to set the record straight and rally Pro-Lifers like you and me?

This is not something we planned or budgeted and your sponsorship will make the tour a reality.

The radical abortion secularists have been registering and organizing new voters to change Texas for the past few months and are extremely well-funded — to the tune of $36 million out-of-state dollars!

They will stop at nothing to change Texas. Make no mistake, the tight polls make it clear that Texas is in play. We must not wait until the last minute to fight for Life, or we will lose Texas.

Imagine 40 years of protecting Life through law being sucked out of existence. That's what a Wendy Davis governorship will look like.

Send Texas Right to Life across the state right now with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $3,000.

We must fight the organized secularist left that is scheming to change Texas through lies.

We must make it clear that Wendy Davis is NOT Pro-Life. We have no time to lose. We must organize right now if we're going to win the next election. After all, the secular abortionists are organizing to win.

Become a sponsor of the Texas Pro-Life Tour right now while we can still make a difference ===>

If we don't fight for Life right now, who will?

Thank you for all you do to protect Life,