Special Session Agenda Lacks Needed Pro-Life Priorities

Today, Governor Greg Abbott released the topics for the Special Session of the 87th Texas Legislature that is set to begin tomorrow, July 8.

In total, Governor Abbott announced 13 special session agenda items. Of those 13 items only one Pro-Life policy has been added, and no Pro-Life Priorities have been included.

During a special session lawmakers can only pass legislation related to the topics included in the governor’s official proclamation.

The governor can continue to add items to the agenda until the close of the 30 day special session.

Texas Right to Life and Pro-Life Texans began asking the governor to add Pro-Life priorities to the anticipated special session as soon as the Regular 87th Session ended on May 31st.

During the regular session, lawmakers passed the Texas Heartbeat Act and fully funded the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Tragically, the Legislature failed to protect vulnerable patients by removing the horrific 10-Day Rule from the Texas Advance Directives Act and only fully accomplished two of the six Pro-Life Priorities.

The sole Pro-Life policy the governor added to the special session agenda is strengthening Texas’ chemical abortion regulations.

This policy would protect Texas women and remove our state’s dependence on unstable federal provisions governing abortion-inducing drugs.

Such legislation (Senate Bill 394, authored by Senator Eddie Lucio and sponsored by Representative Stephanie Klick) was filed during the regular session but did not ultimately pass.

This legislation included reforms such as prohibiting the provision of abortion-inducing drugs by mail or delivery, requiring in-person examination of a pregnant woman before receiving the drugs, and limiting the provision of abortion-inducing drugs to seven weeks of pregnancy.

Texas Right to Life and Pro-Life Texans have specifically requested the following Pro-Life policies be added to the special session agenda:

Texas must no longer delay these essential Pro-Life protections.  

There is still time for unfinished life-saving items to be added to this special session call. Please join us in urging Governor Abbott to add these crucial priorities to the call.

Sign the petition to ask Governor Abbott to add Pro-Life Priorities to the special session agenda!