Texas Right to Life considers it a privilege to be invited to speak to your group.  No group is too small (or too large) for us to send a speaker to share with you.

We have spoken to groups as young as elementary age students.  We have spoken to entire congregations and smaller groups such as a women’s ministry or youth groups.  Both public schools and private schools have invited us to speak and churches of many different denominations and faiths welcome the Pro-Life message.

Rest assured that our speeches are tailored to the audience.  We insure that they are age appropriate and that they cover topics about which you desire to learn.

We are open and willing to speak on any Pro-Life topic.  Some potential presentations include: abortion, abortion alternatives, fetal development, euthanasia, biotechnology (cloning, stem cell research, etc), legislation, the legal rights of churches, why churches should be involved, what TRTL does, and more!  We can combine several speeches or give an overview presentation that focuses on all areas.

If you wish to have a speaker, simply call us to schedule a date and discuss the details.  There is never a charge for having a speaker – it is simply one of many resources available to you from Texas Right to Life.