South Texas: Welcome to Texas Right to Life

The Hispanic community is Pro-Life.  Travel to South Texas on the Texas-Mexico border and you will see firsthand just how passionately our fellow Texans in the Valley value and respect the dignity of human Life.

The phenomenal success of the Inaugural South Texas Celebration of Life on March 2, 2017 is fruit of the deep-seated Pro-Life convictions of this part of our state.

More than 150 people gathered to learn about the educational, legislative, and political efforts of Texas Right to Life to build a Culture of Life.

After being involved with Texas Right to Life for many years, event sponsors Joanne and Rafael R. (second from left) were thrilled to bring Texas Right to Life to their own city and invite their friends to join the fight for Life.  Couples pictured above from left to right: McAllen Baptist Temple pastor Christopher D. and his wife, Kristy, Joanne and Rafael R., Jan and James K., and Lisa and Brian J.

For longtime friends and brand-new friends of Texas Right to Life, the evening was packed with convicting presentations and the opportunity to join the fight for Life.

Eduardo Verástegui eagerly traveled to South Texas to share his story of becoming active in the Pro-Life movement by saving preborn babies through film.  His heart for engaging the Hispanic community contributed to the launch of Texas Right to Life’s efforts on the border.

Moved by the compelling testimony of actor, producer, and philanthropist Eduardo Verástegui, event attendees were emboldened to spread the Pro-Life message in every aspect of their daily lives.

Although many people assume that Texas is a Pro-Life state, the unfortunate fact that the Texas Legislature passed only one Pro-Life bill during the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature in 2015 is proof of serious obstacles to protecting all innocent Life in our great state.  Empowering the Hispanic community to mobilize with Texas Right to Life like never before is a key component ending the injustices of abortion and euthanasia once and for all.

Event attendees also had the opportunity to meet one of the impressive and courageous Fellows in our Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship, Elisabeth Garza at Texas A&M International University.  After receiving training and mentorship from Texas Right to Life, Elisabeth is leading the charge in building a Culture of Life on her predominantly Hispanic campus in Laredo.

Dr. Joseph Graham Fellow Elisabeth Garza inspired all in attendance by speaking about her leadership and Pro-Life efforts on the Texas A&M International campus in Laredo.

Texas Right to Life is honored that you, statewide leaders, activists, and supporters, joined us to celebrate Life and to advance the mission of protecting Life with our educational, legislative, and political efforts.  We are humbled that such a committed group of Pro-Lifers stands in the trenches with Texas Right to Life.

Pro-Lifers from cities throughout South Texas gathered together to celebrate Life and join Texas Right to Life’s educational, legislative, and political efforts to save lives.

¡Nosotros somos Pro-Vida!