Soul Surfer to Supermom: Bethany Hamilton Welcomes Fourth Baby in Cute Video

‘Soul Surfer,’ Bethany Hamilton, has given birth to her fourth child, Alaya Dorothy! Once known for her professional surfing career and being a shark attack survivor, Hamilton now chooses to label herself as a proud mom to her four babies.

Earlier this year, Hamilton posted her pregnancy announcement on Instagram. She took this as an opportunity to share the value of every life!

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“Adam and I, and our whole fam, are so excited to be growing our family! I believe that life is a gift, and each and every life has value,” she wrote, adding, “Every single human life is fearfully and wonderfully made, and I believe should be viewed that way! How beautiful to know you were intentionally made by God. It can bring so much meaning to your life: that you are loved. That you are wonderful. That you have purpose. That you are no accident.”

When looking at her social media platforms, you can’t help but smile! Her entire page is a testament to the gift of Life!

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Hamilton recently posted a photo of her cradling her baby bump saying, “The blessing of being able to bear, and sustain a new life is never lost on me.”

In 2003, she rose to fame after she lost her left arm in a shark attack while surfing at the age of 13. After this life-altering event, she was back surfing and competing within a month! She won the ESPY Award for Best Comeback Athlete, as well as the Courage Teen Choice Award. Later on, she and her husband competed on “The Amazing Race” placing third.

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Her story was told worldwide after a movie, titled “Soul Surfer,” was released. With actress AnnaSophia Robb portraying Hamilton, her resilience and joy was shown in movie theaters everywhere. Later this year, a documentary called “Bethany Hamilton: Unstoppable” will be released.

Although these stories show her love for surfing and her determination to not let life’s unfortunate circumstances get in the way of her future, Hamilton has made it clear that her family is her biggest blessing.

“8 years in to motherhood, I’ve realized that I value my children more than I value ‘my’ time. I value my family more than I value other things like certain types of wealth or success. I believe a joy-filled family is wealth, and to know God, that is the most beautiful and precious wealth of all. We can pursue so many things in life, but what if we pursued what is right in front of us: the beautiful blessing that is family?!” she wrote. “To those of you that know this blessing, I hope you are reminded and encouraged to fully embrace your gifts too. Adam and I are overjoyed and looking forward to welcoming our little bundle of joy this summer!”

With sweet Alaya Dorothy here, Bethany highlights that “There is absolutely no comparison to growing a precious human life. Grateful to be a mother.”

Motherhood is a precious gift, just as Life is! We are thankful for Hamilton’s boldness in sharing her love for Christ and family!

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