´Sorry, We’re Closed´: A Hopeful Sign

The recent temporary closing of two Texas Planned Parenthood locations and the permanent closing of a Galion, Ohio facility is a hopeful sign for the Pro-Life community. 
While neither of the two Texas locations in Marlin and Groesbeck, nor the Galion affiliate performed surgical abortions, they did offer various methods of birth control and emergency contraception which are abortifacients.  Like other Planned Parenthood affiliates, they also offered “sex education” that promotes promiscuity, ignores any emotional component to sexuality, and dismisses abstinence.  Additionally, they referred women to other locations that do perform abortions.

The closed Planned Parenthood facilities cited staff shortages as the reason for their temporary halt of business, which follows a trend of Planned Parenthood closings.  2009 seemed to be an especially difficult year for the organization, when 38 facilities closed nationwide.  The number has been steadily increasing since then.  Most of these clinics were affected by government budget cuts.  The current legislative attempt to completely cut federal funding of Planned Parenthood would hopefully lead to the closing of many more affiliate locations in the future.

The recent closings also coincide with the spring campaign of 40 Days for Life, a time of prayer and vigil in front of abortion facilities in over 247 cities nationwide and eight countries this year.  The Pro-Life presence often deters women seeking an abortion.  The peaceful protestors also seek to share abortion alternatives to women experiencing difficult or unplanned pregnancies. 

Shawn Carney, the campaign director of 40 Days for Life, has noted the correlation between their prayerful presence and abortion center closings.  “We know of nine abortion facilities where 40 Days for Life prayer vigils have been conducted that are now closed and following other peaceful vigils, more abortion centers may soon be added to that list,” said Carney.  Those nine locations closed permanently, others shut down temporarily, reopening once 40 Days for Life has finished. 

It is not clear if or when the Marlin and Groesbeck, Texas locations will reopen.  Here at Texas Right to Life, we sincerely hope that these closings are permanent and we consider this another victory for the Pro-Life cause.

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