Sonogram laws necessary for informed consent, speak to reality of preborn Life

Jessica Farrar, a State Representative from Houston, is on a crusade at the State Capitol to weaken or undo the most crucial Pro-Life legislative successes of the last few years.  With the support of the abortion lobby, Farrar seeks to dehumanize the preborn by changing medical and legislative references to “unborn children” to “fetus” and “embryo,” and by crippling the Life-saving Sonogram Law that has been in effect since 2011.

The Sonogram Law has been a major step toward pro-woman medical care in Texas, helping to provide the most crucial aspect of informed consent in abortion: evidence of the Life that will be destroyed when an abortion is committed.  The Sonogram Law provides mothers with an unparalleled opportunity to see exactly whom their elective abortion will obliterate, and, in turn, how the abortion may affect their own lives (physically, emotionally, or psychologically). 

A key provision of the Texas Sonogram Law is the 24-hour waiting period required between the sonogram and the abortion.  This period of time allows for reflection on the information divulged during the sonogram, ensuring that mothers weigh the reality of their impending abortions against any pressure, fear, or misinformation that motivated their initial impetus to seek an abortion. 

In fact, the maternal bond created by viewing a sonogram is so strong that roughly 80% of mothers who meet their children for the first time via ultrasound will choose to carry to term and give Life to their babies.  And abortionists know this to be true.  Former abortionist Joseph Randall said:

They [the women]are never allowed to look at the ultrasound because we knew that if they so much as heard the heart beat, they wouldn’t want to have an abortion.

Sonograms are the window into the amazing Lives of the small people who grow and develop in an incredible but otherwise invisible way.  These humans deserve to be known and understood to the degree that science can accommodate via ultrasound technology before being killed by a mother who may be genuinely misinformed or uneducated about the reality of the Life she carries.

Farrar’s fight to eliminate the 24-hour waiting period between sonogram and abortion could mean that pregnant mothers are robbed of the opportunity to reflect on the abortion decision that will impact their own lives – and those of their preborn children – forever.  Without the waiting period, mothers would be subjected to the well-documented pressures and sales tactics of the abortion mill, which loses significant profits when mothers choose Life.  Farrar’s bill, HB 709 is not pro-woman.  Her bill is not Pro-Life.  Her bill is not good medicine.  HB 709 is pro-profit for the abortion cartel, and nothing else.