Sign our petition to keep abortion out of healthcare

We just learned that Planned Parenthood secretly organized abortion activists to hold Texas taxpayers hostage.

Right now, they're demanding that the officials at the Texas department of health fork over our hard-earned money to their business so they can commit more abortions in the name of “helping women.”
When they met with a panel of staff members with the Texas Health Department, our Legislative Director, John Seago, was at the meeting, watching and monitoring.
And get this: Planned Parenthood wants 40% of the healthcare funds that Texas legislators designated for poor women!
Friend, more than 4,000 real non-abortion-affiliated healthcare clinics receive this funding. Planned Parenthood only has 63 so-called clinics in Texas!
The math is simple!
Even more importantly, these 4,000 clean and real health clinics offer women full services that Planned Parenthood does not provide. Also, these real pro-woman health clinics serve without referring women to abortion mills.
There is no reason why Planned Parenthood should receive a dime from Texas taxpayers and certainly not 40 percent of women's healthcare funding for only 63 clinics!
Tell Texas healthcare leaders to keep funding where it belongs: in the hands of over 4,000 real health clinics spread throughout Texas that are not affiliated with Planned Parenthood and truly help women.