SHOCKING: University of Pittsburgh Colluding with Planned Parenthood in Barbaric Experimentation on Preborn Babies

The Center for Medical Progress (CMP) recently revealed shocking proof that the University of Pittsburgh (UPitt) is engaging in a truly barbaric human experimentation partnership with Planned Parenthood. UPitt is a publicly funded university with a renowned medical school. 

CMP reports that, “the university sponsors the local Planned Parenthood abortion business in what looks like an illegal quid pro quo for fetal body parts.” 

University records document the participation of faculty in the experimentation and trafficking of preborn human children, a practice forbidden by U.S. federal law and Pennsylvania state law. 

The video shows truly horrifying footage of some of the dark experimentation and fetal organ harvesting that University of Pittsburgh faculty have committed. 

According to evidence found, the savage human experimentation taking place at the University of Pittsburgh has been occurring for decades. 

Archival video footage from 1952 shows a university professor’s callous experimentation on a live human fetus, obtained from an abortion, in which he pokes and tears at the baby with a needle to test the baby’s reflexes. 

As found by CMP, a University of Pittsburgh nurse testified before the Pennsylvania Legislature in 1972 that she witnessed live human babies, obtained from abortion facilities, being packed into ice as they struggled to breathe. 

University records and video evidence prove that UPitt faculty are currently operating a decades-old program of obtaining live fetuses from abortion facilities to experiment on until the children die.

The University of Pittsburgh hosts the “Ryan Residency Program,” which offers medical students training in abortion and contraceptive measures and even real world experience at the local Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania. 

Some of Planned Parenthood’s top abortionists and executives have graduated from UPitt’s abortion program. However, the vast majority of citizens living in the Pittsburgh area have no idea about the diabolical human experimentation partnership between UPitt and Planned Parenthood. 

UPitt operates the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center system, the largest employer in Western Pennsylvania. 

Within this partnership, Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania has access to UPitt’s medical resources, infrastructure, and medical student labor. 

In return, UPitt receives aborted children for experimentation. UPitt’s fetal experimentation and research programs garner the university millions of dollars in grant money every year from the National Institutes of Health (NIH). 

CMP’s shocking discovery proves that 1) The tax-funded University of Pittsburgh, with the help of Planned Parenthood, is operating a dark fetal human experimentation and trafficking system, and 2) taxpayer money is being funneled to fund cruel human experimentation programs through the NIH and other national government “health” agencies. 

Every American should find these discoveries shocking and deeply horrific.

The University of Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood have absolutely no moral grounds for conducting these savage experiments and no right to receive taxpayer money to continue to operate. 

Nevertheless, the Biden and Harris Administration recently rolled back Hyde Amendment protections against tax dollar abortion funding, and continues to promise restoration of federal taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood in addition to many more anti-Life policies. 

Pro-Lifers and Pro-Life Texans must stand their ground to reject Biden’s Planned Parenthood agenda and work harder than ever to pass strong life-saving legislation at every level possible, especially the state and local levels. 

As these shocking revelations about the University of Pittsburgh and Planned Parenthood’s partnership come to light, the urgency of our obligation to stand up and protect innocent, vulnerable preborn children intensifies.   

The abortion industry is dark and evil. We must do all we can to defend Life. 



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