“SheDecides” aims to fund abortion mills not protect women’s rights

Anti-Life activists have declared March 2, 2018, SheDecides Day.  Under the guise of defending girls and women’s rights, the international event is actually nothing more than a day of propaganda for the abortion industry.  What’s more, “friends” of SheDecides will be fundraising for the abortion industry.

The so-called SheDecides Movement started last year as a response to the reinstatement of the Pro-Life “Mexico City policy.”  The executive order signed by Pro-Life President Donald Trump barred abortion organizations from receiving foreign aid intended for nongovernmental organizations providing legitimate relief services.  U.S. taxpayers no longer have to give money to anti-Life groups that promote the killing of the preborn in other countries.  The money remains accessible to organizations that do not commit or promote abortions.  This commonsense Pro-Life policy, first instituted by President Ronald Reagan, is ridiculed as the “global gag rule.”

Anti-Life bureaucrats in Europe were so outraged by the development that they launched a fundraising organization to compensate the abortion industry for the loss of American government money.  From this grotesque beginning, SheDecides has become a global platform for abortion propaganda.  The group’s manifesto focuses on health, dignity, dreams, and life, but the mission of the organization directly contradicts these ideals.

Funding organizations that promote abortion, often to marginalized and impoverished women and their families, undermines the supposed aspirations of the manifesto.  Although SheDecides continually claims only to promote “safe” abortions, the reality is that no abortion is safe for the baby or her mother.  The preborn child will either die a violent death or be born with the risk of grave health challenges caused by the failed abortion.  Mothers who lose their children to abortion, even so-called “safe” abortions face increased risk of suicide, depression, and many physical health risks.

At the core of SheDecides is the lie that women need abortion.  Abortion is not health care.  Women emphatically do not need to kill their preborn children in order to pursue education and achieve their dreams.  When systemic problems prevent a woman from advancing in society, the culprit is not her innocent preborn child.  Telling women that they must kill their children in order to achieve wealth is the greatest poverty possible.

On March 2, stand for Life and stand for truth.  The Pro-Life movement cannot allow the abortion industry to have the last word.  Countless stories of courageous women who chose Life for their children show that mothers are capable of doing what is best for their children and for themselves.  In order to achieve the aims of the SheDecides manifesto, achieving autonomy and opportunity for all women, we must protect preborn women and mothers.  If we do not love them both, our society can never be just.