Session begins today: Meet TXRTL´s Legislative Team!

The day is finally here. Today marks the official beginning of the 84th Session of the Texas Legislature.

For more than a year the Texas Right to Life Legislative Team has been brain storming, researching, making presentations, and hosting roundtable discussions around the state to prepare and shape the Pro-Life Legislative Agenda for this session. We’re honored to work so closely with some of the brightest and most passionate Pro-Life lawyers, doctors, activists, and elected officials in Texas. Together we work to prepare the policies for which we'll be lobbying: to restore justice in Texas for pregnant women, preborn children, and vulnerable patients.

Countless committed Pro-Life legislators have worked hard in helping us shape the agenda and we are excited to continue these conversations. These specific policies will protect innocent human life.

There are a lot of issues for the legislature to consider this session. However, there is no more principal responsibility that a governing authority has than to protect the first and indispensible inalienable right that all innocent humans have — the Right to Life.

Texas Right to Life’s lobbying team has been busy gearing up and will now hit the ground running. Some of you may be wondering – what exactly does the Texas Right to Life team do during Session? The end goal of every action undertaken by the Texas Right to Life legislative team is the implementation of new policies that will protect innocent human life.

Our preparation for session begins long before the first gavel hits, but here’s what we do once the session begins:

  • Schedule and visit with every Pro-Life Representative and Senator to review the Pro-Life priority agenda.
  • Meet new staff members, building relationships for open dialogue with new offices.
  • Host educational events for legislators and capitol staff on Pro-Life issues.
  • Monitor bills filed, and look for opportunities to amend Pro-Life policy onto germane legislation.
  • Read hundreds of bills to identify attempts at anti-Life policies, and alert elected officials when urgent action is needed.
  • Compile necessary research and talking points for bill sponsors to successfully defend their legislation in committees and on the floor.
  • Host Pro-Life advocates from around the state at the Capitol, introducing them to their elected officials and the Texas Legislative process.
  • Speak with members of committees and chairmen to ensure our bills are set for a public hearing.
  • Rally Pro-Life advocates across the state to attend important committee hearings and events.
  • Attend the committee hearings of all Pro-Life and anti-Life legislation.
  • Testify on behalf of life-saving legislation and against bills that demean Life.
  • Host stakeholder meetings to work with other Pro-Life leaders on promoting or stopping legislation.
  • Travel the state sharing updates on the status of Pro-Life bills.
  • Update via emails, social media, and news outlets on the status of bills.

Head on over the the Texas Right to Life Legislative Blog to keep up-to-date on the happenings in Austin. You can view the page easily on your desktop or phone.

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Together, we will make this session great as we put Life first and keep Texas Pro-Life Strong.