Send your teen to Team LIFE Camp!

Loving and strong home lives for teens are the building blocks to solid Pro-Life beliefs.  We commend parents for raising their families to be Pro-Life!  However, are you ready to give your teenager an extra edge?  Let us teach your teen the advanced communication skills to help a classmate or friend in a crisis pregnancy.  Texas Right to Life is aware that teens in all areas– public schools, private schools, or home school environments– are vulnerable to peer pressure and abortion.  YOUR teen could help save a life.

At Team LIFE Camp, teens will learn how to spot a crises situation, offer strategic, reassuring words to build a Culture of Life, and find sustainable help.  Hearing facts and stories from Pro-Life experts who work daily to bring an end to abortion, euthanasia, and threats to innocent human Life, all while enjoying beautiful campgrounds and making new Pro-Life friends, encourages Pro-Life activism at an early age.

The activist attitude and newfound knowledge prepare students to return to their schools, neighborhoods, and church communities as effective Pro-Life advocates.  The possibilities are endless.  Maybe these students will establish Pro-Life clubs at their high schools.  Maybe they will undertake consistent volunteer positions at pregnancy resource centers.  Maybe they will become people who friends turn to during unplanned pregnancies because of their compassion and knowledge of life-affirming options.

Now, what would a camp be without fun activities?  Interspersed with the Pro-Life talks and dialogue training, campers will participate in canoeing, nature hikes, lip sync battles, and campfires complete with s’mores!

After hearing speakers on Planned Parenthood, pregnancy centers, fetal development, adoption, and more, campers will form “clubs,” led by camp counselors, to discuss the material and complete club projects.  The clubs will create logos for their schools’ Pro-Life groups, plan Pro-Life events for their schools, and practice explaining the Pro-Life position to their friends.  Further, the clubs will role-play defending the Pro-Life position to their peers with opposing viewpoints.

Register your teen now for Team LIFE Camp!  We look forward to training your student to be a Pro-Life leader.

Dates: Friday, September 8 – Sunday, September 10, 2017
Location: Camp Hoblitzelle in Midlothian, TX, 30 minutes south of downtown Dallas
Price: $150 per camper
Sibling Rate: $100 (per subsequent sibling)

Register on our website, and if you have any further questions, please email or call 713-782-LIFE (5433).