Send Susan Narvaiz to US Congress.

Send Susan to US Congress. Pro-Life Susan Narvaiz is running for the US Congress against a militant pro-abortion incumbent.  Susan, the former mayor of San Marcos, is a real champ for the cause of Life and has earned the endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC.

Susan Narvaiz shares Texas Right to Life’s belief that innocent human life must be protected from fertilization until natural death, including protecting the rights of the ailing and disabled to direct their own health care decisions.  

Congressman Lloyd Doggett voted to keep federal dollars flowing to overseas abortions and to America’s largest abortion chain: Planned Parenthood.  The pro-abortion congressman favored the destruction of human embryos for research. Doggett even voted in favor of sex-selected abortions.  Doggett also voted against a bill that would have protected minors from sexual predators, and he would not protect the conscientious objections of health care workers who did not want to participate in abortion and euthanasia.

We need pro-abortion Lloyd Doggett out of the US Congress.  We need Susan Narvaiz’s unflinching commitment in Washington, DC, for LIFE.

Teach Planned Parenthood that their DC henchmen will no longer come from the Lone Star state.

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