Send Steve Stockman back to Congress.

Return Steve to US Congress.  Steve Stockman is a staunch Pro-Life advocate and former member of U. S. Congress.  Steve is a real champ for the cause of Life and has been honored for his outstanding, over-achieving voting record on protecting life.  Sadly, his opponent is a proud Planned Parenthood supporter and operative.

Pro-Life hero Steve Stockman went the extra mile and not only voted for Pro-Life legislation, cosponsoring the bills even before they came to the House Floor to publicly show his support.  Steve has sponsored legislation that banned Partial Birth Abortions that ultimately became law. He also sponsored legislation that would have declared life beginning at conception.

Steve will continue be ardent and outspoken in the US Congress and we need a Pro-Life Congress now more than ever.

We need Steve’s unflinching, bold leadership in Washington, DC, for LIFE.

Teach Planned Parenthood that their DC henchmen will no longer come from the Lone Star state.

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