Send real Pro-Lifers to Austin

Friend —
Jeff Wentworth, a Republican incumbent running for reelection to the Texas State Senate, just distributed a disgusting ad insulting me, you, and every Pro-Lifer as “extremists.”
In the ad, pro-abortion incumbent Wentworth slandered his opponent, Dr. Donna Campbell because she’s Pro-Life and wants to protect all the unborn, even those babies who were conceived through rape.
Pro-abortion Wentworth depicted Dr. Donna Campbell in a sinister Doonesbury-type cartoon with the following speech bubble above her head:

“Victims of rape and incest should be FORCED to bear the child of the attacker.” Dr. Campbell never said that.
Who is the extremist here?

Disgusting political ad by Jeff Wentworth attacking Pro-Life candidate Dr. Donna Campbell.

A 20-year liberal incumbent and proud supporter of abortion on demand? Or a physician who cares for women and children in all circumstances?

In March of 2008, Obama said that he wouldn’t want his daughters “punished with a baby.” Wentworth agrees with Obama that pregnancy and parenting is punishment!
Like you, Dr. Campbell recognizes that pregnant women and their innocent unborn children deserve protection and nurturing, including victims of rape and incest.
We know there are better ways to help women victimized from rape and incest besides killing a life and increasing the suffering, besides punishing them. As an emergency room physician, Dr. Campbell understands how to care for victims of trauma and violence — Dr. Campbell delivers compassion.
Texas Right to Life calls on Jeff Wentworth to immediately apologize to the Pro-Life community in Texas for maligning our Pro-Life views as “extremist.”
I'm going to fight for Dr. Donna Campbell. Will you?
Who would you rather make laws in Austin: Pro-Life Dr. Campbell or proudly pro-abortion Jeff Wentworth?
To send Jeff packing, help me raise $50, $100, $250, $500 $1,000 or even $2,500, and let's punish extremists like Jeff Wentworth and make sure he does not return to Austin!
I must raise $23,400 by July 31 before the polls close and I need you by my side right now.

Disgusting political ad by Jeff Wentworth attacking Pro-Life candidate Dr. Donna Campbell.

Jeff Wentworth and pro-abortion extremists like him are spewing their venom about us and about Dr. Donna.
Help Texas Right to Life PAC elect and protect candidates like Dr. Donna Campbell from the hurtful propaganda from Jeff Wentworth, and other abortion radicals, whose pockets are lined deep with cash from the medical lobbyists.
Call on Jeff Wentworth to apologize by following this link to contribute $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right now!

Life can't wait.