Send David Rosa to US Congress.

Send David to US Congress.  David Rosa is a Pro-Life advocate and the only candidate endorsed by Texas Right to Life PAC for District 20. David is running against a militant pro-abortion, former state representative.  While David sees the need to protect innocent human life at every opportunity, sadly, the opponent is a Planned Parenthood operative who promotes their radical pro-abortion agenda.

David will be an ardent and outspoken advocate for Life in US Congress.  Unlike his opponent, David is not confused about protecting life.  TEXAS WANTS OUR GOVERNMENT TO PROTECT LIFE—David Rosa will do just that if given the chance.

The opponent, State Representative Joaquin Castro, earned 100% score from Planned Parenthood.  Castro voted to keep our state tax dollars flowing to America’s largest abortion chain: Planned Parenthood. Castor opposed the life-saving Sonogram law and informed consent prior to an abortion.  Castro even voted against recognizing the unborn child in a crime. Castro supports the destruction of human embryos for research.

We need David’s unflinching, bold leadership in Washington, DC, for LIFE.

Teach Planned Parenthood that their DC henchmen will no longer come from the Lone Star state.

Visit to help David Rosa go to US Congress!