Send a real message of Life for women and the unborn!

Friend —

In an offensive and vile video, Planned Parenthood's national director said women need abortions for Valentine's Day.

The photo of her holding her message is below:

A business that banks a billion dollars each year, luring women into abortion centers to kill their babies, doesn't know what women need.

Unfortunately, the media, always pandering for abortion, will push the myth that Planned Parenthood actually cares about women.

That's exactly what Planned Parenthood expects.

This is why we must send a loud and clear message that women don't need an abortion business telling them that they need an abortion as a Valentine's present!

Will you join me with an immediate contribution to Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee to expose Planned Parenthood’s warped message of love?

Make no mistake, Planned Parenthood pushes its agenda in Austin, but the predatory propaganda has an impact on vulnerable women facing an unwanted pregnancy, too.

But mothers who choose abortion face a lifetime of sorrow over their baby.

Planned Parenthood does not support customers after the check is cashed!

But Texas Right to Life picks up the pieces for women after they make the tragic choice.

Alternatives to abortion, pregnancy resource centers, and the passage of new laws spearheaded by Texas Right to Life all coalesce to protect women from predatory abortion businesses that manipulate the emotions of vulnerable people.

Our continuing work on college campuses and in poor areas spreads the message about alternatives to abortion that don't wreck women's lives.

But this work is expensive, and we're up against a billion-dollar abortion business working to put their own candidates in office.

We've beat them before at the ballot box, and we'll beat them again with your support.

Friend, we must not cede any of the recently-gained ground to the billion-dollar abortion machine working to reverse all of our work in Texas!

Equip your Pro-Life headquarters, Texas Right to Life, with an immediate contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or even $3,000 so we can send a real message of love for Valentine's Day to women across Texas!

Planned Parenthood's national director, Cecile Richards, admits the radical nature of the nation's largest abortion chain!

Yours for Life,