Second model with Down syndrome to ever model at New York Fashion Week wows audience

Madeline Stuart has a zest for Life and a passion for modeling.  She also has Down syndrome.  The teenager landed a big modeling contract earlier this year after her mother helped her pursue her dream of walking the runway.  This week, her new career became larger-than-life, as Madeline appeared at New York Fashion Week.

Madeline is the second model with Down syndrome to ever appear on a runway of NYFW’s caliber.  Spring Fashion Week set a precedent, when actress with Down syndrome Jamie Brewer broke into the world of stick-thin bodies and sallow expressions to model another ideal of beauty: a genuine beauty and je ne sais quoi that saturate her spirit and exude from the inside-out.  Madeline shares this enviable trait, and, along with Brewer, she is a breath of fresh air in the fashion world. 

A year ago, Madeline told her mom she wanted to be a model.  Her mom helped her to realize her dream.  Recently, she spoke to the U.K.’s The Independent about her daughter’s desire to become a model, saying:  “I saw no reason at all why she shouldn’t pursue that.  Down Syndrome didn’t preclude her from being ambitious, limelight-loving and – of course – beautiful.”

The Australian 18-year-old’s modeling career began to fast-track when she was signed by two fashion campaigns, Manifesta and everMaya, earlier this year.  Visit Madeline’s website here.