Scandal continues after horrifying health and safety violations discovered in taxpayer-funded UK abortion chain

Last year, reports revealed egregious violations in health and safety standards in the U.K.’s largest abortion chain.  Marie Stopes International was cited for violations of patient consent, untrained staff, and unsuitable risk management, among other serious concerns.  Reports by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) show that unannounced visits by inspectors revealed conditions so abominable that Marie Stopes was temporarily banned from committing certain kinds of abortions.  Since then, the abortion business is under further scrutiny for nearly 400 botched abortions in just two months.  Now, Pro-Lifers and concerned citizens are petitioning the government to make the ban permanent.

Marie Stopes commits abortions paid by the government through the National Health Service.  The group brags that 98% of women seeking elective abortion through Marie Stopes have the procedure funded entirely though taxpayer dollars.  Anti-Life radicals went even further this year when they secured government funding for the elective abortions of women traveling from Pro-Life Northern Ireland.

Like the American abortion giant Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes International was conceived as a eugenic program to eliminate people deemed “unfit” by white elites.  In her own words, Stopes saw her goal as “a reduction of the birth rate at the wrong part and increase of the birth rate at the right end of the social scale.”  From that inauspicious beginning, the charity has grown into a taxpayer-funded abortion mill.

Although CQC reports claim the organization has positive reviews from patients who say “its staff provided a non-judgmental service and treated patients with dignity and respect,” the laundry list of abuses reveals the truth.  This is an organization that approved abortions “without meeting women with some discussions lasting as little as 22 seconds.”  Abortion workers left the bodies of aborted babies in open hazardous waste containers in busy exam rooms.  Staff pressured women to choose abortion against their wishes, on at least one occasion attempting to force a disabled woman to abort her child when she did not understand what was happening and telling another woman who chose Life she was “wasting their time.”

Live Action noted the striking similarities to Planned Parenthood’s business model.  Indeed, there are many.  Like Planned Parenthood’s relentless publicity stunts to “pinkwash” an ugly history of hundreds of thousands of abortions and the betrayal of millions of American women, Marie Stopes has convinced the British public that abortion workers treat patients “with dignity and respect.”   The nearly 400 botched abortions in two months demonstrate that Marie Stopes is not in the business of women’s health.

The international abortion lobby insists that abortionists like Kermit Gosnell are outliers and that abortion is health care.  The accumulating evidence against abortion giants Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes reveals that betraying and endangering women are par for the course in businesses that take the lives of the preborn for profit.  The ongoing scandals of Marie Stopes International show the importance of Texas’s recent Pro-Life victory in removing all abortion coverage from public and private health insurance plans.   When Pro-Life citizens ensure that taxpayer dollars do not go to the predatory abortion industry, women and children benefit.