Saying farewell to Governor Perry

Texas Right to Life has enjoyed a fruitful relationship with our Pro-Life Governor, Rick Perry, since before he was elected Lieutenant Governor in 1998.
Today he gives his final address to the Texas Legislature as Texas’ 47th governor. Thousands of children, the Pro-Life community, and Texas Right to Life have much to be grateful for as we say farewell to Governor Perry. Texas Right to Life has been blessed to call Governor Perry friend.
Rick Perry has been an outspoken and unapologetic advocate for protecting the sanctity of human life from fertilization until natural death, and he has effectively put his advocacy into action during his tenure as Texas’ top official.
Below is just a snapshot of all the work he’s done to protect Life in Texas:
  • Perry added Pro-Life legislation to the call for the special sessions of the 83rd Legislative Session, making way for the Pro-Life Omnibus Bill, HB 2, to eventually be passed and signed into law.
  • A staunch supporter of informed consent, Governor Perry enthusiastically set what would be the Sonogram Law as a priority to be considered in 2011. The sonogram law may not have passed if Governor Perry had not fast-tracked the measure, propelling it past the procedural hurdles.
  • He also partnered with Texas Right to Life to cut revenue to the abortion industry in the state’s budget in the recent 2011 Legislative Session.
  • Texas became the tenth state to fund alternatives to abortion in the state budget in 2005. Governor Perry has ensured that the program remains fully funded, if not increased, since he signed that budget bill.
  • In 2003, the Texas Legislature passed Texas’ version of informed consent before an abortion, the Woman’s Right to Know Law.  The bill established a 24-hour waiting period before an abortion and also required that information be offered to women seeking abortion.
  • Perry has proven uncompromising on embryo-destroying research, confirming that human life begins at fertilization.
  • Governor Perry helped move the Prenatal Protection Act.  The bill was being slowed by some in the medical community, and Governor Perry astutely drew attention to the tragedy and loss of both Conner and Laci Peterson’s life. As a result, Texas penal code recognizes unborn children at the moment of fertilization.
  • As Lieutenant Governor, his first move was to restructure the committees to facilitate a conservative agenda passing.  In 1999, the Parental Notification bill finally passed because, at last, the bill could move through the legislative process without being bottlenecked by hostile committee chairs. Lieutenant Governor Perry was personally involved in shepherding that bill through to then-Governor Bush’s desk.

Perry has always been straightforward, helpful, and true to his Pro-Life convictions.  He has intervened to stop anti-Life legislation on a number of occasions, which has been crucial, and he has helped clear obstacles when necessary. Texas has grown as the Pro-Life flagship under his watch and we do not know how we can adequately say thank you for all he has done for LIFE.

We will miss you, Governor Perry.