Say NO to Planned Parenthood´s efforts to tax Texans to pay for their abortion business!

Friend —

Planned Parenthood called out the angry mob again.

During a hearing on women's health, the activists demanded your tax dollars to go back to Planned Parenthood for “family-planning” and “safe, legal abortion.”

THIS — in addition to $3.8 million dollars they’re currently receiving from Texas taxpayers for the entire year!

Be confident that Texas Right to Life will not let Planned Parenthood force Texans to fund their billion-dollar abortion business!

Join with us and tell legislators that Planned Parenthood and abortion are not healthcare!

Texas Right to Life's legislative team is still on alert in the Capitol — even during the interim to stop Planned Parenthood's assault on women and Life.

Your support keeps us on the front lines.  

Stand by our side, once again, with an emergency contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500, or even $1,000!

The law is clear: No taxpayer shall be forced to pay for abortion.

Ensure that our voices are heard by following this link so Texas Right to Life's legislative team has the resources to stop the billion-dollar abortion behemoth.

Unlike Planned Parenthood, Texas Right to Life is not funded by taxpayers. We rely on supporters like you to build a culture of Life.

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