Satanists Claim Religious Liberty in bid to Undo Texas Heartbeat Act

The Satanic Temple is attempting to overturn the Texas Heartbeat Act by claiming the law violates their religious freedom.

Last year, the Satanic Temple invented an “abortion ritual,” which the group claims is a religious rite for Satanists. The group likens abortion to baptism. According to this sick position, the Satanic Temple claims that abortion on demand is a protected religious practice.

Now, the Satanists say if Texas does not grant a religious exemption in the Texas Heartbeat Act to allow them to commit abortions, they will seek “judicial relief.”

The temple also sent a letter last week to the Food and Drug Administration asking that Satanists can receive unlimited chemical abortion pills without regulation.

WATCH: Texas Right to Life Vice President Elizabeth Graham Debate Satanists about Texas Heartbeat Act

The Satanists’ attempt to make killing preborn children a protected religious rite demonstrates what is at stake in the fight for Life. Two fundamentally different world views are at work: one of death and one of Life; one of lies and one of Truth. Now more than ever, we must all be prepared to stand for Life and defend the innocent.