Sandra Fluke touts Obama´s half-baked contraceptive ´compromise´

Sandra Fluke is back.  Or as she asserts in a new email from Planned Parenthood, she never left: “[W]e're still here.  They're still wrong.  And this is still a fight.”
On behalf of the nation’s largest abortion business, Sandra Fluke touts Obama’s less than half-hearted effort to placate Pro-Life citizens who do not care to fund abortion-inducing drugs for the women of America. 
Fluke’s email states that “President Obama's plan strikes the right balance.  It guarantees that women will be able to get birth control without a co-pay, while ensuring that the rights of religious organizations are respected.”  But that’s far from the truth. 
Not only does the contraception mandate affect employers whose conscience does not permit them to fund these drugs, the mandate requires all citizens, regardless of their moral or religious standing, to fund these abortion drugs through their tax dollars. 
Fluke states that “powerful voices are still fighting to take away this basic health care away from women.”  Yet, pills that induce abortion are not health care and Americans who oppose the use of these drugs should not be forced to pay for them simply because the most pro-abortion president demands it. 
Fluke’s email affirms Obama’s attack on religious liberty while assuming the government knows exactly what women’s health needs are. 
“It comes down to this: nobody —politicians, bosses, or anyone else — should be able to block your access to essential health care.  Nobody has the right to deny you power over your body and your future,” Fluke concluded.
Actually, the real issue comes down to this: abortion and abortion-inducing drugs are not health care.  They are not a necessity and they are certainly not essential to the well-being of American women.  No one is trying to control women’s futures by not funding their birth control; rather, the government is trying to control America’s moral convictions by forcing them to fund a substance with which they disagree. 
Sandra Fluke does not speak for all women.  In fact, Pro-Life women have a few words for you, Sandra: We have always been here and we will forever fight for the real rights of women and the unborn to be protected.