Become a Pro-Life Delegate to the Republican Conventions

You can help pass a strong Pro-Life Republican Party Platform and hold our party leaders accountable by becoming a Pro-Life delegate to the Republican Party conventions.  Delegates are grassroots activists who participate in shaping the role, direction, and platform of the Republican Party. Delegates volunteer to lead at their precinct, county or Senate district, or state convention.  The state convention will take place in Houston May 14-16, 2020.

Whether you can be involved at only one, two, or all three of these conventions, any degree of involvement is valuable for the Pro-Life cause. These are three different ways to be involved in directing the Republican Party towards a stronger Pro-Life Platform, and each way is crucial both individually as well as combined. All three steps are only necessary to being a Pro-Life delegate at the State Convention in May.

Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we will provide you all the information you need.

There are three steps to being a Pro-Life delegate: 

Step 1: Precinct Conventions

When and where: Your 2020 precinct convention will be held sometime after the polls close on Primary Election Day (March 3, 2020), usually at your designated polling location.  If you fill out the form below, Texas Right to Life will provide you with the detailed information you need to attend your precinct convention. 

What to expect: If you voted in the Republican Primary or are affiliated with the party, you can participate in this convention.  This is where you will elect delegates and alternates to the next convention level (see Step 2) and where you can introduce and pass Pro-Life resolutions dealing with Pro-Life policies and/or instructions for Republican leaders to be further discussed at the county / Senate district convention.

Step 2: County / Senate District Conventions

When and where: Your county or Senate district convention will most likely be held on March 21, 2020.  Your county party sets the location and time. If you fill out the form below, Texas Right to Life will provide you with the detailed information you need to attend your county or Senate district convention. 

What to expect: You can attend committee meetings and ask them to approve Pro-Life resolutions passed at the precinct level (Step 1) and tell convention leaders what issues are important to you.  At the county / Senate district convention, you will be able to vote on Pro-Life resolutions and elect delegates and alternates to go to the state convention level (see Step 3). 

Step 3: State Convention

When and where: This convention will be held in Houston from May 14-16.  If you fill out the form below, Texas Right to Life will provide you with the detailed information you need to attend the state convention.  You can also find more details at

What to expect: You will be able to testify before various committees on issues you care about, vote on the party platform that iterates the beliefs of the party, vote on the rules that will steer the party, and elect people to run the party for the next two years.  The state convention hosts keynote presentations from leaders like Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Greg Abbott, and Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, and attendees have access to the exhibitors hall where grassroots organizations, including Texas Right to Life, as well as candidates and other organizations, set up booths for you to visit. 

Fill out this form to receive specific dates, locations, and details on how you can be a Pro-Life delegate.  Even if you can only be involved at one or two of the conventions described above, your participation as a delegate is still an important step for advancing the Pro-Life cause by strengthening the Republican Party’s stance on Life.

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