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Thank you for taking our survey, friend. Our movement and party are only as strong as supporters like you.

If you believe in the Right to Life, consider becoming a Pro-Life Republican delegate!

It only takes three steps! (Don’t worrywhen you sign upour team of experts will walk with you every step of the way!)

1) Attend a GOP meeting in your community after the March 1 primary election

a) After the polls close in the Republican primary election, your local party leaders will meet with citizens in your area. You’ll give them the Texas Right to Life resolutions (which we’ll provide) to discuss and pass at this local meeting.

b) If passed in your community, these resolutions could be added to the statewide Republican platform!

c) Even if you stop at this step, you can still make an impact!

2) Attend your regional GOP convention, which will most likely take place on March 26

a) Your regional GOP convention will include Republican voters in your county or Senate district. You’ll tell convention leaders what issues are important to you and ask them to approve Pro-Life resolutions.

b) Our team will send you your region’s exact dates, times, locations, and other details once you fill out the form on our website.

c) You can sign up to represent your region at the statewide Texas GOP Convention in June.

3) Optional: Attend the statewide Republican Party of Texas Convention in Houston from June 16-18

Advocates like you from around the state will vote on the role, direction, and platform of the Republican Party of Texas.

The Republican Party of Texas Convention will be in the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston June 16-18.

We will only stop radical pro-abortion leftists if we are united and focused on the issues that matter most — especially the Right to Life.

Please sign up now to be a Pro-Life Republican delegate.

**Texas residents only**