Rod Stewart Chose Adoption in 1964

Singer/songwriter Rod Stewart is now openly talking about his seventh and oldest child, 47 year-old Sarah Thubron Streeter.  Born in 1964 to 17 year-old Rod and his 17 year-old girlfriend Susannah Boffey, Sarah was placed for adoption.  Up until age eighteen, Sarah had no idea that her father was a rock star.

Sarah’s adoptive parents, Gerald and ¬Evelyn Thubron, broke the news to Sarah shortly after her eighteenth birthday.  Sarah, who had Stewart’s poster on her wall, was a little shell shocked.  “It didn’t really sink in to start with . . . I remember saying for days afterwards, ‘There must be hundreds of Rod Stewarts, are you sure it’s the Rod Stewart?’”

Sarah’s parents met at political demonstrations in the 1960’s and dated for over a year.  Sadly, the romance did not last.  Although initially Susannah tried to raise Sarah on her own, Sarah was eventually adopted at the age of five.  Rod had always encouraged adoption as the best choice, as he told Joy Behar on the October 20th The Joy Behar Show, “I was absolutely stone broke.”  He did not feel ready for a child.

Although Sarah approached her father in the 1980s during the peak of his career, neither was ready for a continuous relationship.  Following the death of Sarah’s adoptive mother in 2007, however, Sarah reached out again as she yearned for a deeper relationship with her biological father.  “‘Now we’re at the start of a new chapter, and that’s wonderful.’”  Now Sarah and Rod talk occasionally, and Rod is slowly introducing Sarah to the other members of his family, including his currently pregnant wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart.

Sarah Streeter lives in England and is married to husband Chris Streeter, 60.  The couple has been unable to have children, but Sarah said she looks forward to the arrival of Rod and Penny’s new baby soon.

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