RNC Passes Pro-Life Resolution Encouraging Party to Stand Firm in the Fight for Life


The Republican National Committee (RNC) convened in late January for its 2023 winter meeting to elect a chair and to pass resolutions. The RNC passed an important Pro-Life resolution, sending a message to Republican leaders across the country that the Party will continue to stand up against the Biden Administration’s radical pro-abortion agenda.

The Pro-Life resolution is a promising and bold demonstration that the GOP does not plan on backing down from the fight to save preborn lives any time soon. Rather, the Republican Party is fortifying its resolve to stand against the lethal Democrat agenda.

The resolution states that the GOP has never backed down from its Pro-Life stance and has repeatedly prioritized the protection of preborn children. Though Republicans have been accused of growing extremism as of late due to their support of Life-saving laws, the resolution points out that the Republican Party has actually remained consistent in its support for Life over the decades. Rather, it is the Democrat Party that has grown in extremism, landing on a radical position that “put[s]their candidates far outside the mainstream.”

The RNC resolution lists a few action items for Pro-Life Republican leaders. 

First, it urges all Republican candidates running in 2024 to go on the offense on the topic of abortion. The committee encourages candidates to boldly speak out by “expos[ing]the Democrats’ extreme position of supporting abortion on-demand up until the moment of birth.” Republicans need to hold the Democrats accountable for their radical positions and actions when it comes to Life, not letting them avoid the central issue of the humanity of the preborn child. 

The resolution goes on to urge State Legislatures and Congress to “pass the strongest pro-life legislation possible.” Specifically, the resolution mentions heartbeat and pain-capable bills. Especially now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, there is no reason to delay protecting innocent Life from the barbarism of abortion.

Abortion was a hot topic in 2022 due to the passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act and the United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe. Some,  including many Republicans, have urged the GOP to retreat on the abortion issue now out of fear that it will harm future election prospects. However, in the first election following Roe’s overturn, we saw that Pro-Life was still a winning issue for Republicans who were boldly engaged in the issue. 

Thankfully, the RNC recognizes this and has no plans to appease the Democrat Party. Now is not the time for retreat — now is the time to double down and expose the Democrats for the extremists they are and emphasize how Life is winning.

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