Riotous Abortion Activists Disrupt San Antonio Pro-Life Event

Riotous students disrupted a Pro-Life talk organized by Texas Right to Life college Fellows at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) last month. The speech was about the development of preborn babies and the abortion methods used to kill them. Hosted by the UTSA Pro-Life club the event featured Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life.

Texas Right to Life Fellows, who were facilitating the Pro-Life talk, described the deeply disquieting scene.

“As soon as Mrs. Hawkins started speaking the shouting and insults began,” Galaxy Acton, the Pro-Life club’s president, explained. 

Apparently enraged that a Pro-Life woman was being allowed to speak on campus, abortion activists continuously exclaimed expletives and shouted their disdain throughout the talk. Many held signs with messages including, “Life begins when you understand living women matter more than potential babies,” and “abortion is healthcare.”

Rather than applauding a woman for expressing her deeply held beliefs, the abortion activists shrieked their rage and attacked and maligned anyone brave enough to express Pro-Life opinions.

The scene got even uglier after the talk as angry students crowded the microphone meant for questions to unleash a barrage of personal attacks and accusations at Hawkins and all Pro-Lifers in general.   

“As soon as the Q&A section started, the room erupted with vile comments, yelling, etc.,” Galaxy explained.

“You. You actively. You actively deny science!” one abortion activist exclaimed to Hawkins.  

When Hawkins pressed her to explain what specific science she was denying, the student retorted, “you say it’s a child, when it’s a clump of cells.”

Hawkins asked what separated preborn children from other human beings outside the womb other than their stage of development and location. The student was rendered speechless and turned back to the other abortion activists for support before proceeding to change the subject.

Very soon more abortion activists horded around the microphone shouting and screaming their anger.

Referencing babies with fetal heartbeats protected by the Texas Heartbeat Act, one student jeered, “electrical impulses are not the same as a heartbeat honey. They’re not. And you’re wrong. That’s pseudoscience and you can’t keep spreading lies!” The student shouted a few expletives and then stormed off before the speaker could respond.

“In the Pro-Life movement we believe that every human being has an equal Right to Life,” Hawkins explained.

“You disgust me!” another student exclaimed into the microphone.

This was not the first time that abortion activists have disrupted Pro-Life activities at UTSA. Led by Texas Right to Life Fellows, the UTSA Pro-Life club is extremely active on campus. They fundraise to give scholarships to pregnant and parenting students, organize Pro-Life memorial displays and tabling events to encourage Pro-Life dialogue, volunteer at pregnancy resource centers, and much more.

Hawkins responded to each question patiently so that the abortion activists could only resort to angry shrieks.

After all this, Hawkins thanked everyone for coming and exited to the applause of Pro-Lifers and the boos and shouts of anti-Lifers. The pro-abortion students shouted curses and some even made obscene gestures as Hawkins exited.

Abortion activists are seen shouting in anger in the foreground and Pro-Life Fellows can be seen applauding in the background.

In spite of these antics from radical pro-abortion students, the Pro-Life students at UTSA remain unshaken in their resolve to defend Life.

“The event was successful in many ways and will definitely be remembered within the student body,” Texas Right to Life Fellow and UTSA Pro-Lifer Melanie Solis explained. “The political climate of UTSA has always been rough. I believe it has gotten worse. It’s what I like to call a “culture of death”. There is no respect for Life and there is constant slander and persecution.”

“When they act this way, it is always helpful to remember Jesus’ words to love our enemies and bless those who persecute us,” Fellow and UTSA Pro-Lifer Brian de Leon commented. “We hope we are planting seeds the Holy Spirit will grow in the future to change their world view.”

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